Commissions and designs worldwide delivery

I love communication and conversation, ask anything and I will answer honestly- I am a solo independent artist, creating entirely by hand, so expect a very personal service.

phone\whatsapp – +44 (0)7780 650235

mark golding sacred geometry


To serve your purpose and intention.

The majority of my work is to commission and my fees are

600mm x 600mm (24″ x 24″) – £400.00

800mm x 800mm (32″ x 32″) – £500.00

1m x 1m (40″ x 40″) – £700.00


Shipping to anywhere in the world via UPS

Your design can be translated into a light, acrylic print, mirror, floor, window or canvas print.

Consultation, Preparation and Intention – To Create your Personal Mandala.

I will generally have a detailed conversation with each client – in person or via zoom/skype whereupon we will discuss your ideas and intentions.

During a consultation I will take an empathatic journey with you. I travel along your river of thought and experience, cross referencing where alignments occur, and where energetic blockages might be located. Upon this basis I shall create a fresh map for your future, a healing map, in the form of a mandala – a visual homeopathic remedy.

This will serve to increase your inner awareness, enabling insight and rapid growth, and initiating progress along the spiritual path.

My tools

Showing the preparation for individual drawings, where I have aligned crystals, prisms, gemstones and ancient artefacts to empower the drawing whilst I draw, and also the process of engagement with sunlight, and the energies of nature.

mark golding mandalas

A Complete Record

I can record the creative process for you, as witnessed in these typical photographic records.


“So beautiful! Thanks!” – Laura Ramirez Gandia

“Speechless once again! Amazing work” – Daniel Boas

“This one really resonates with me. Thank you” – Cheryl Matrau-Farneti

“Love this so much!” – Patty Lerner

“Thanks much from my heart” – Inge Birgit Pescatello

Terms and Conditions

I will be open, honest and direct, and it will be lovely if you are too. I accept payment by PayPal, crypto or bank transfer.