The Yoga of Sight

The Yoga of Sight

The Torus Studies

I am developing a visual narrative based around the flow principles of the torus, exploring the potentials of subtle resonant geometries, frequencies and proportions as a means of activating visual healing signals.

The Golden Thread of this creative journey is dedicated to the ‘Evolution of Yoga’.

I am exploring golden pigments and paints as a self-reflective metaphor of my own inner journey towards inner peace, and shall be continuing this series over the winter and spring seasons, as a mirror of my pathway into the coming year.

Each golden droplet tells its own story, carrying the intention applied through concentration and focus, and as this long series of paintings develops I shall be studying the various healing, esoteric, philosophical, scientific, traditional and metaphorical understandings of the torus form as the basis for healing visual communications.

Torus Study 1

Torus Study 2

Torus Study 3

Torus Study 4

Torus Study 5

Torus Study 6

Torus Study 7

Torus Study 8

Torus Study 9

Torus Study 10

Torus Study 11

Torus Study 12

Torus Study 13

“For every thought there is a sensation in the body/mind, and as all things are empty of inherent meaning we get to assign meaning, and geometric shapes seem to contain the nearest thing to inherent meaning. A healing system based on shapes that embody intention, that literally communicate without words to the deepest part of the psyche seems like an aligning healing modality that is entirely possible and for which the time has come.” Tim Williams

A Journey in Progress - click HERE for the concept & HERE for the theory/science