Geometry of Mythology


A non-traditional approach to the alchemical journey, exploring shamanism, spirituality, alchemy, sigils, and the mythical, occult and esoteric mysteries, through the visual language of geometry.

Our certain destination? Death.

Death opens a conversation about rebirth, as the journey into the light depends upon traversing the dark.

The Jewel of the Risen Phoenix

From the ashes of death, arises the fabled Phoenix, who ascends through the dark night of its predecessor. 

In early representations, the bird is endowed with a halo of nimbus, symbolising connection with the Sun, and the daily reurn of the light.

Here, I have drawn a sapphire jewel above the crown that signals the Majestic beast to arise and perform miracles, once again, in this world.

And should this world greet the arrival with an open heart?

I for one shall smile, recognising dead wood is best served as decomposition, or fuel, or formed into the invaluable structures of renewal.

The Trident of the Water Dragon

Ascending, I see once again, the spiral path of the emerald bejewelled serpent, coiling around a trident, the chosen weapon of Shiva, Neptune and Poseidon.

The helical path of water holds the key of life, protecting the mystery of her intelligence, in her phases of visibility, whilst the subtle mechanics of her structure and power remain a complete mystery to the scientists of today, as she contradicts the known laws of physics, but attends with perfection to the laws of nature.

Perhaps the laws of science are purely man-made, observable through our lenses of experience, creating vast areas of invisibility, and thus disconnection from totality.

The Diamond Thunderbolt - Crossed Vajras

The Vajra is described in the Traditions of Vajrayana as the diamond or the thunderbolt - that which has the power, might and force of heavenly thunder, and the perfect aspects of clarity, durability and precious worth.

For those that use the Vajra with Wisdom hold the weapons of the Tantrikas, whoe serve to protect the precious seeds of Dharma in this world.

And at the heart of this Geometry of the Crossed Vajras is the impenetrable 8 spoked Wheel of Dharma - The Dharmachakra, illustrating the 8 Fold Path.

Comprising Correct View, Correct Intention, Correct Speech, Correct Action, Correct Livelihood, Correct Effort, Correct Mindfulness and Correct Meditation.

Tantric Method.

The Healer's Basket

Drawn throughout a long night's vigil, the perfected sphere of emerald threads and sapphire knots, contains the seeds of a perfect medicine.

This vessel of the dreamer's prayer upholds the traditions of purity of contained intention, held fast upon threads of both mindfulness and alertness, anchored within the state of non-breath of the triple knot of her heart chakra.

For woven with skill and precision, the tapestry of golden jewels encapsulates the deepest wishes of the world, held here, in the Precious Healer's Basket.

The Healer's Protection

The explosive imminence of unresolved energy. 

The potency has distilled and refined over the aeons of time, awaiting the catalyst of circumstance to ignite the process of fusion.

For hidden in this precious mystery is the key that has been sought during this nuclear age, the grail for those who seek unlimited energy, the source that resides in the mechanisms that drive our universe.

For all that walk upon the Healer's Path shall know protection for their work, as dictated in the Scriptures of Akasha.

The Archer of the Milky Way

I looked into the night sky, in measure of the Heavens, as constellations drawn in their mystical astrological geometries.

The Great Milky Way holds the canopy ablaze with light, unmeasured unknowns of potential, holding secrets as yet unresolved.

For what in perspective might yet be revealed? 

Unknown constellations, birthing new patterns of understanding and recognition, for the Archer of the Milky Way draws her bow of flexible beauty, to entwine the perfect arrow of love amidst the patheon of perfected beauty.

Release thine arrow - swift and sure.

The Alchemical Union

The process of alchemy is the recognition of a union, or yoga.

We see them holding of the Philosopher's Stone, as the realisation of the goal, the completion of the Great Work.

Their union is aligned with the Completion Stage of Highest Yoga Tantra, whereby male and female become one, and silence of peace with the heart chakra loosens the bonds of Samsara.

For the unspoken words of truth are forever heard by the wise, whose insight offers access to the mysteries, and thus they shall be no more.

The Holy Grail of Realisation

And from this endless source, her thirst shall be quenched, imbibing the Nectar of Holy Tears, as captured within a jewelled chalice, that of the Holy Grail.

For these mythical objects are merely figments of imagination, though imaginations of those who seek to explore the truths of life.

The truth of geometry is held within the alchemist's gold, cut with the lapidary's wheel and held aloft, within the heart of the sacred breath.

The Wise Owl's Insight

In Ancient Greece, Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, made the Owl her sacred bird, and had one sat upon her shoulder with whom she conversed.

The owl could reveal unseen and unknown truths to Minverva, the Roman Goddess, offering her ability to see through the darkness.

Our owl carries the Precious Ruby Jewel around her neck, and grasps the bones of her vanquished foes in her claws.

The Caduceus - Magical Staff of Hermes

The paths of Ida and Pingala entwine upon the helical spirals of chakra ascension.

Sushumna is erect and clear, witnessing the ever balancing fluidity of passage, heralding the kiss of bliss.

Gifted to Hermes, by Apollo, the God of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing and art, in exchange for a magical flute. 

Hermes, the messenger, carried his Caduceus, and if applied to the dying, their death will be gentle.

A peaceful death: The gift of releasing the mind/soul from the physical, to loosen and free the knots around the heart chakra, and to know freedom at the time of death. 

And, thus, through the arousal of Kundalini, ascending through the 7 chakras, following the serpentine journeys of Ida and Pingala, to facilitate opening of the crown chakra.

Higher rebirth, gifted opportunities and continuation of the Path to Enlightenment - the meaning of this lifetime's work.

And you! Yes you - who sees and feels the star burst within your soul, mirrored in the eyes of those with wisdom, this prize is yours, and your wings shall open, and freedom's final flight shall awaken upon the dawning bliss of the Clear Light.

And suffering shall cease.

The Constellation of the Feathered One

Organic life is born from the elemental light, as the star child remembers her name, breathed through magical release, from the womb of the Goddess.

The night sky holds the peacock star cluster, whilst those born of turquoise eyes witness the celestial joy of the divine song.

Whose golden filaments of evolving beauty, breathe sweet sensuous lines of flowing energy, that enrapture with their radiant glow of being.

And births the constellation called The Feathered One - her of the pure indigo night of remembered names.

Her vision is eternal, birthed of our imaginations, and the honey-sweet gifts of bliss.

Ganesha - The Elephant King

At the start of your new venture, the mighty warrior of love manifests, as the remover of obstacles. 

Draped with the golden chains of power, and bearing his crown of rubies and sapphires, he advances your dreams.

Sustained by the sweet golden fruit of truth, and vibrant emerald foliage of purity, goodness is created within every moment of expression.

Rise, great warrior queen of the forest, engage and activate the Muladhara chakra, and the outward expansion of primordial forces will meet your deep root of magical power. 

You shall know the Awakening Dakini, the Yogini of Great Bliss - She who arises within you, as your eyes taste her beauty.

The Golden Eagle of Light

As the dawn of unity rises in the east, and the wise ones sing their sweet songs of release, she rises to leave the old central sun far behind, past the echoes of the twelve distant golden stars, to birth the new universe, with the seed jewel of love.

She soars high above the turbulent skies, beyond the land of the nine red suns and the eight silver moons, and in her talons is the precious heart jewel of all faiths. 

Her destiny? She delivers this gift into your heart chakra, the birth place of angels and bodhisattvas, to witness your majestic light emerge from within, and thus birth the gifted dreams of perfection.

The Golden Thread Turtle

From the depths of the great deep blue ocean of being, the blind turtle rises to the surface, once every 100 years, to breathe in the clean air.

And as the sun's light reflects upon her distinctive shell, awareness is signalled to your open heart.

For you know your destiny, as you glimpse your close potential with eyes opening wide - the final perfection of your soul.

You breathe.. A long slow inhale.

Old patterns - spiralling from the depths of your mind, to be cleansed away as the sunshine of your love greets the lost memories and bids them a final farewell.

Forgiveness, and the purification of release, mirrored in the evolution of planetary consciousness, and our shared responsibility and gifts.

We leave no-one behind, and forever trail the golden thread, weaving our endless patterns of pure light.

The time to weave is now. 

It is only, ever, now.

Slow Exhale... and awaken to the gifted opportunities of this precious life we all share.

The Dream of the Scarab

Within the mystic ceremony of the dreamtime, the heavenly cycle of rebirth and regeneration came as an jewelled vision in night's journey.

The emissary of the Sun, whose winged soul unfolds the mystic eternal, will your grant wishes of release upon descent onto the rising sun.

Thus - Awaken to dawn's summons, and find that fear is transcended, death is transmuted, and only love remains.

The cycle of each mother's gift, of her wisdom, shall be the herald of new life.

A Winter's Labyrinth

A healing heart of Celtic entrelac, bound within golden threads and bearing winter fruits. 

And take the path of the magical rollercoaster and journey to release the triple knot at your heart chakra.

For in the blissful deep peace within, resides the mystery of change.

The Mystic Seahorse

She dances with grace, and exudes her golden confidence. 

Her courage serves a therapeutic healing light to your imagination, creating a wondrous world of colour. 

Her spirit is wild and free. See the flash of her golden eye, and glimpse her candy pop cloak of geometric disguise as she sings her firedance of bliss.

Appearance is illusion, only love is true.

And thus, we can find our way home.

Hanuman - Monkey King

Through pure simplicity of actions he cannot be killed by any weapon of war.

His disposition is to remain happy and contented and at ease within, and thus can overcome any powerful negative energies.

Legend tells that no-one can cast a spell upon him, and thus he can lift a mountain with wisdom.

He reflects your halo to remind you that reality is but a levitating mask of truth, leaving you to choose.

The Eight Avatars of Solstice

In the immediate instant of magic, the universe delivers a message to your third eye.

The sitting council of indigo stardust breathe love through the black lake of infinity to invigorate this world.

And you, the trusted one, are a keeper of this pure love.

As the Goddess within the deep forest of winter's night, the beacon is within you, as you are the bearer of the light.

Surrounded by yogic guardians, sat in deep meditation, with aligned chakras, chanting the 8 perfected mantras of world peace.

And then, comes the very moment of Solstice! 

Dear Heart - Deliver your wish into the psyche of the cosmos, and thus our home will be found, in pure simplicity.

As we birth a celestial palace of peace.

The Cloak of the Swan

Spring's bright glimpse ignited the muse, and released our healing song. 

So, let us create our magical garments of the dreamtime, fine cloaks of swan feathers for the warriors, as we glide without trace through the moving waters of the Akasha.

Perfection - the dream arose from the ruby heart of truth, to reveal the sacred well of the goddess, where perfected souls of virtuous maidens dwell within her composure, seen, and reflected upon the lost jewels of the imagination.

Where lapis and turquoise, held within the golden threads of sacred spirit, weave the new elemental tapestries, and thus bind a red silk velvet heart, entwined, enraptured, and held to her lover's heart, as the blessed wreath of Yule's kiss.

Thus empowered, we walk invisibly through the world, leaving no trace but radiant love, upon the sacred path of Venus.

Yes - dance each moment as a stepping stone, and sing a long life of grace, forever refreshed and renewed in recognition of love's eternal dawn.

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates

Intertwining hearts embrace, and assume the spiral dance upon the path of love. 

Where arm in arm, father sun and lady moon, trail silver blue and red gold fire around the wellspring of inner light.

And sparkling stars reflect your smile, each a stepping stone across the deep, dark waters of night, upon the black obsidian mirror of the infinite.

And in your heart you hear the song that shares inner peace, and reveals the purpose of love. 

The purpose of love is to grow forever.

Stella Filia Lumen de Aventu

She sings of the clarity learned within her dreamtime, releasing the essence of her pure crystal soul at the very moment she awakens: Alive and vibrant of the girls, who sense tomorrow's promised, gifted glance.

Yes, you dear one - with your soft, kind eyes. I know your song of these coming days...

This song I hear, from all my beautiful sisters, enabled, alert and empowered for this coming solar year. 

With no deception in your wise honesty, released from selfish desires and yearning for transformation, your wish will be heard, and will be granted.

You hold the light of the coming Star Child - you feel her, as you know her, and you are her.

Your light is your love, and this will heal the wounded souls of our mothers. 

Astrum Lumen Dea

The Homecoming Dream

When the Earth was young, wandering tribes walked upon the virgin grasslands, drank from the pure streams, and spoke with dream messengers swimming within the waters. 

They whispered stories of the Kamabuki Dragon Gate, where the golden carp swims to the top of the waterfall to give birth to a new world and a new sun. 

She persevered so, upstream, with focussed intention and determination, along the flowing pathway of Atisha's wisdom.

And here, arriving at the Dragon Gate, to greet the new sun's reflected light, the noble woman embraces her masculinity, and the courageous man surrenders his vulnerability, into the truth of union, to find that the nature of home resides within our hearts, balanced and still.

This is our homecoming dream, of inner peace. 

The Temptation of Fire

As a painted canvas of nature, gifted with flight, the moth orientates by the light of the full moon, allowing the the revelation of night's mystery to illuminate a fine drapery of precious and glittering jewels. 

Consider the simple, foolish moth who takes the perilous dive into the light of the cleansing fire, to be met by the intimacy of transmutation.

As an immolating monk, realising ultimate truth, his transfiguration adds to the glow of the candle, surrendering into the all-consuming fire of unchanging consciousness.

If the fire of wisdom consumes all illusions, how does the body of the Yogi continue? 

Impermanence, of all things held to be.

Awaken - Majestic Unicorn of the Realm

Wearing a pure golden mane and flawless silver skin, he is born to release the spirit of this land, by piercing the fragile bubble of illusion and thus true magic returns in the blink of an eye.

Unicorns are the most recognizable magic the faeries possess, and they send them to those worlds where belief in magic is in danger of failing altogether. For there has to be some belief in magic, however small, for any world to survive.

The unicorn is both strong and swift; and neither the horse nor any other animal can overtake him. At first he run slowly, but the longer he runs his pace increases wonderfully, and becomes faster and faster.

Strong, wild, and fierce, no man could tame this beast, though one born as a gentle and pensive maiden could hold his head upon her lap. She is known as the wise Goddess Avá, the dark eyed child, she who dreameth forth all things by viewing her own image in the universal mirror of the skies. 

And today, as we look into the heavens, the constellation of the unicorn dwells on the celestial equator between Orion and Hydra, reflecting the dazzling rediscovery of our wonder filled world.

Doubt not the powers of these mystical ones, who render poisoned water clean, and heal sickness by neutralising the poisons of both delusions and suffering in a reborn magical world.

Perfected in an instant of Avá's imagination, as we dreamers surrender our fears upon the rising tide of golden stars and dispel the darkness of doubt.

Dancing with the Alchemical Elemental

The water dragon swiftly coils within the infinite woven paths of the Golden Thread.

Looping through the eternal curves of fractal potential, the mystery of water's gifts are revealed, as treasures, protected within the living springs of this Earth.

And to drink of the sacred waters will gift you wisdom and longevity, and a new relationship with the potentials of magic, where abundance, prosperity and good fortune might manifest, upon the goodness of your heart.

Intention is known as the greatest divine force on Earth and steers the fifth element of sacred spirit in connection with the mystery of the fifth claw, towards the dream of perfection.

So! Align with perfect intention, drink the living waters, and rise into your power, empowered with fearless majesty, the gifted lineage of the wise ones.

Your destiny is written, upon your intention alone.

Lupus Stellata - The Wolf Star

Sirius: The Blazing Star, the Sun behind the Sun, the Star of Initiation, also known as the 'Star of the Celestial Wolf'.

Wearing the feathered crown of Amanita Muscaria, and bearing an appetite for freedom, this illuminated soul lives life powerfully, guided by instinct. 

A pathfinder of the night forest, journeying to confront deepest fears, thus gaining supreme confidence.

You reflect this, the brightest star of the night sky, upon your hopes for today, as nourishment our future dreams, captured in a whispered thought...

A moment of ignited dreams, of unlimited potentials, to shatter complacency and awaken this portal of new moon magic.

The Lord of Death

Q. Who are you and what do you seek? 
A. I am a fortunate one, seeking great bliss.

When you look upon your death, direct in the eye, and you know of no escape, in that very moment of realisation, what will you think?

Perhaps a sickly sweet realisation, disturbed and agitated, hypnotised and beguiled, confused and afraid... perhaps.

The brief vision of the 24 carat gold dreams of material possessions will cease, and then what? What might follow?

Awaken to your potential. Prepare and create a refuge, your perfect inner protection, through knowing the 3 Precious Jewels.

And know the path to perfect inner peace exists. 

This is no time to sleepwalk...

Q. Who are you and what do you seek? 
A. I am a fortunate one, seeking great bliss.