Water's Intelligent Language


Water is Intelligent

A perfect crystal ball, held in grace atop the dreams of a living future, reflecting our shared history of evolution.

Whilst the transcendent beauty of the majestic symmetry gathers the whispers of spoken memories of our collective birth.

And hidden within the infinite expression is a universal template, that which supports the framework of the familiar.

To those of the gathered hexagonal, look further into the dream of soft falling stars, to those that might catch upon your eye lashes.

For here is the intelligence, the very code of life, scripted invisibly into the deep dimensions of the frozen fluid chants of communication.

Contained within a force field of dynamic expression, compelled to obey the parameters of divine instruction.

Repeating the law of the six, without exception.

Alexey Kljatov captures the mystic etheric, entrapped and held in sacred pause, to reveal the script that defies interpretation.

But do not read, just feel the encoded resonance that holds the profound revelation of mystery.

Those never repeated signals, each an impulse of a strategic messenger, whose role is to activate our dormant stimuli.

Obeying the rules, by breaking them for eternity.

Morphology, the study of forms, those building blocks of repetition.

Until the structure is built, and the scaffold removed, it is only then that clarity reveals the fluid structures of bio-mimicry, those channels of intimate voicing.

Each sacred drop is, a sacred drop, is a sacred drop, is a sacred drop drop drop.

Revealing the geometry of a water droplet, those wireframed tensors, whose task is to withstand gravity, and whose signature is meniscus.

Held above the pentagram of a water molecule, is the 2 of H and the 1 of O.

Expansion is a form of communication, as is radiation. Ripples are the medium, and the message.

Alexey Kljatov captures the intelligence of water. The frozen impulse, as a computational chip, one that we assimilate through and into our own watery being, telling the ancient story of life on Earth.

Searchers reveal impressions of truth, those force fields of natural imperative and constraint that offers limitless opportunity.

The sigils of frost contain the fractal power of magic.

Until the multi-textured, binary layered single flake of snow replicated herself, as a series of platformed patternings, that directly speak their languages of life.

Snow patterns of a rainbow nature, signalling the spectrum of possibility, those messages of love.

Cymatic consciousness, arising through sound and the formulae of yantra, though interpretation awaits her final resolution.

Captured, during vibratory restriction, only to be released as an expression of continual transience.

Mapping the final form overlays, those inhibitors of construction.

As movement, reminscent patterns of sonic frequency, holding the 8 spoked wheel as source of dynamic cymatism.

Traced out upon the landscape, the step by step language of geometric art might know the mountain's breath of solitude.

A fragile and impermanent intelligence, fleeting yet eternal.

Long may it flow.

This ice castle builder Dan Beck harvests icicles to place them on the ever expanding ice palace of frozen dreams.

Snowflake Mandala.

Be: As a melting snowflake. 

Feel spinning and tumbling atoms release the energy of life, and hear the choir sing the harmonies of pure water. 

Be: Of the flow - aware, elusive, connected. 

Be: As water.