Thirteen Grandmothers


A visionary new series of mandalas, to tell the old story

First Moon Cycle - Respectful Relationships

Second Moon Cycle - Honour in Truth

Third Moon Cycle - Balance of Truth

Fourth Moon Cycle - The Medicine of Prophecy

Fifth Moon Cycle - Listening Woman

Sixth Moon Cycle - The Storyteller

Seventh Moon Cycle - Fierce Love, Embracing all Things

Eighth Moon Cycle - She Who Heals

Ninth Moon Cycle - Setting Sun Woman of Seven Generations

Tenth Moon Cycle - She Who Weaves the Web

Eleventh Moon Cycle - She, Keeper of all New Pathways

Twelfth Moon Cycle - She, Guardian of Ritual and Ceremony

Thirteenth Moon Cycle - The Emerging Spirit Keeper

The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers