Geometry of Time


“The past exists in the present as the future of that past, and the future exists in the present as the past of that future” - Buddha

The Past

The past is the basis upon which we experience the present, entangled as we are, within our complex karma.

The appearance is of moving away, receding upon complex vectors, led by the red shift, each trailing a thread of our unfolding tapestry. 

Mere dots or seeds, connecting the past with the present, though each offers a potential lesson, granting you the empowerment to create the mandala of your beautiful tomorrow. 

The wise choose t
o become wisdom gardeners.

The Present

Active upon the threshold of expanse and potential.

With immediacy.


The Future 

Extending ever outwards, into the complexity of chaotic boundaries which preclude interpretation.

The future will remain forever distant, though forever appearing to come closer. It shall not be realised, unless eternity loops back upon itself. 

The future becomes, preceding upon the blue shift.

It is the director of change, it is the fuel of the present, it is the vanguard of experience.

Define your exit strategy.