Seeds of a Fearless Future


For without fear, what might exist in this world? 
Who are the true dreamers of this vision?
It is you & eye

Your Comfort Zone/Where the Magic Happens

Transition Commencement

Breathing Life


Inner Signpost


Love Ripples/Soul Mirror

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Dancing Circles

Temple Seed Moment

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Entering Safe Space

Shared Destiny

Outside the Box

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Protected Circle


It was dawn. The quiet man in black lit his slim black cheroot, the light flickering onto his face, shadowed under the brim of his hat.

I was walking from the woods, to collect my book of poetry to share around the embers of the night's fire, and for the first time we made eye contact, a cautious glance - I was intruiged. I could see this was no ordinary man, I sensed an unusual timelessness, young eyes in an old face, weathered and travelled, mapped with experience.

I sat alongside him, and exchanged greetings. We talked a minute or two, and then exchanged poems - a lyrical interface that connected our expressions, our dreams and our intentions. He introduced himself as Caras.

He then produced an essay, a thesis - 'Future Proofing'. A plan whereby the future of the Mankind's relationship with Gaia might be extended through the potential attractors of eco/economic/social disaster, a map by which the Elders could navigate by applying both scientific and spiritual methodologies... A manuscript for human survival.

OK - this was a full on conversation. Scattered with allusions into the mystery, though offering stepping stones of potential. My mind was overwhelmed by the volume and weight of information and data, the interweaving of oblique mathematics, biological processes, radical sociological and political structures, with a layer of dry humour, and sprinkled with metaphysics and spirituality.

I had met Caras. A 94 year old Elder Shaman, with the depth of an ocean, and the eyes of an 18 year old, a conundrum.

We exchanged business cards, and parted.

The transmission settled into my mind over the next few days, as my own understanding integrated the structures and concepts, and I chose to add my own dash of colour to the shamanic cocktail by creating a series of drawings 'The Seeds of a Fearless Future'. A representation of my visualisation of realising my own dream - A world where fear had ceased to exist.

I've always been fond of the analogy of living my life as a gardener. One who sows seeds. Seeds that are planted with each action of body, speech and mind. Thus there is never a time when positive potentials cannot be planted.

Now, for those of you who have known me over the years - well, sometimes I get it wrong, as you know, but I'm still on my path of learning, and to stand corrected.

I undertook to create a series of drawings which represented a pathway by which the entirety of universal consciousness might be attracted, through my imaginal doodlings into this beautiful potential of a future without fear.