The Sacred Geometry of Yoga



You will experience a sequential series of activations, linked with the progression of the Yogi from Asana to Pranayama, through Sutra to Tantra.

This inner journey is one of growing familiarity with the internal landscape of the Spiritual Path, and the 12 mandalas (maps) are created to initiate a visceral response, each served by an accompanying text. Following this subtle, incremental trace-path you will release through the tissues of the body.

By contemplating and meditating upon your response to each mandala, and practicing the series of meditations, you will develop a renewed understanding of the Yogic Path.

The Tumble Stones of Asana

The co-spiral waves of the double torus beckon ever inwards, as awareness is drawn towards you, and through you – and at the same time your body softens, ever outwards. 

And as a result of the union (yoga) practices of love, wisdom and compassion, your inner jewels shall increase their natural beauty.

Inner conflict will subside as you learn to relax from within, allowing the ocean of inner peace to hear your song.

And do - Enjoy the growing clarity of your path, as your soul matures into childlike wonder, bursting with the brilliance of a thousand stars.

The Circular Breath of the Perpetual Soul. 

The universe breathes itself, amidst the ebb flow of infinite movement, dissolving all the entangled myths of origin. 

Now you (yes, you) are the creator of love. 

To expand your heart chakra, experiment with this dream breathing apparatus.

Down from Above (and Up from Below)

Breathing in through your nose, wide and open, deep into your lungs.

By guiding clear fluid air into your heart chakra you will encourage soft weightlessness into your body.

Then your soul can begin to circulate anew, released, as the silk golden cape of expectation slips from your shoulders.

Releasing a delicious vibrant shimmer.

Planting the Seed of Inner Bliss.

Pause, and feel gravity, falling through your body, as you experience the gifted droplet of the double helix spiral.

Then, develop a soft awareness of the swirling motions within, to locate and sense the sweet spot, deep within your soul.

This will balance the above, with the below, in a graceful dance of delight.

The Net of Mindfulness 

Be ready to catch an arriving good feeling, and then support it.

Try focussing this immediate thought energy within your heart chakra, to begin training in yogic mindfulness.


Planting the Seed of Intention

We each have a limitless horizon, though we reside within the physical plane.

Knowing of cause and effect, the yogi's intention sits gently in this matrix of consciousness. 

Then, place your intention into the same soft pillow of space-time, to await the conditions of ripening.

This is certain. This is cause and effect.

And each of your beautiful placed seeds shall ripen.

This is not a Distant Dream (It is a single thought away)

Swallow a melting drop of nectar, to gather sweet awareness at the heart chakra, whilst mingling male and female energies, and experiencing perfect inner balance.

This medicine enters through the powerful world of imagination, to awaken the pure world within your mind that extends far beyond the physical realm.

Where the profound ocean of inner peace exists.

Letting Go

The constant dance of our attachment unfolds as an eternal drama, until we realise that we can create a new script, through recognising the 5 actors we call touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. 

Freedom is found within the mind of the yogi, who recognises that attachment binds us in our prison of the senses, locked in confusion. 

You have the key that fits the lock, so... drop the illusion. 

As this is your dream. 

Of the yogi's awakening.

Pause for Thought

Gaze within your expansive mind, afloat upon a circular flow of rising energy.

Feel the shell of silken knots gently slip their ties, relaxing your eyes.

And find an inner space, lighter than air, that welcomes the ripening harvest of light, as your third eye sings to your crown chakra, releasing 1000 soft orbs of coloured light.

Then, exhale a pure medicine of release.

This is the treasure of giving.

Sacred Union (Tantra)
The Yoga of female and male closes the cycle.
Thus the Yogi's implosion of bliss encounters pure wisdom, as the 5 elements and senses take the spiral descent to birth the universe, anew.
The seed of conception is delivered, an extraordinary expression of healing, held within the bond of mindfulness, as the gap in understanding closes.
And the purpose of this bliss? Permanent freedom from anxiety, fear and suffering.
Nothing less.

The Fine Ribbon Path

The Yogi knows the 8 Wheels of Yoga, supported in meditative equipoise, balanced by both mindfulness, and alertness.

Thus Kundalini will travel the stairway to heaven, gently circling the mountain, aligned with heartbeat and breath, a union of fire and water.

The past is now travelled, and within resides the glittering prize of Enlightenment, the beacon of light, whereupon the 84,000 impure elements are purified.

You witness the dawning clarity of the inner path, awakening from within, manifesting through perfect imagination.

And in the Clear Light of Bliss you will know the Perfection of the Holy Ones.

Yin Yang (Perfect Inner Balance)
Upon finding balance, freedom becomes apparent to the practitioner.
The filaments of karma manifest their clarity, as waves of understanding
breathe light into your inner space.
This pure light of love, wisdom and compassion purifies the inner winds, as fireworks reflect over the blue/green waters, celebrating the end of expectation and release from all attachments.
Form is empty; emptiness is form. Emptiness is not other than form; form also is not other than emptiness. Likewise, feeling, discrimination, compositional factors and consciousness are empty.
Thus the Yogi completes the first cycle of practice.