Magnum Opus

Pushing the Boundaries

Geometry is the structural poetry of connection.

Your Solstice Wish

A Drop at Dawn

Full Moon Alchemy

Aquarian Vessel

The Great Golden Thread

The Temple of Memory

Reflections upon a Fountain

Time: Ever Present

Moon Dancers

Affectionate Love

Centre of Balance

The Myth of Solidity

The Ark of Geometry

Menstruum Sanguinem

Imaginal Laboratory

In the Beginning

Out of the Blue

The Timeless Beauty of Wisdom

Fibonacci Radio

Hand Drawing Hand Drawing Mandala


Making Medicine from Poison

Pieces of the Puzzle

Seeds of the New World

Blue Diamond Sunrise

Three Generations of Woman

Science is an Art

I Think, Therefore I Can

Perfect Balance - Homoeostasium

One Destination

Gloria Viola

Ordo ab Chao

Born with a Destiny

High Vibrational Medicine

Fibonacci's Shadow Dance

Proto Molecular Biotope

Fibonacci's Alchemy

Formation into Reality

Power Tools

Protection and Purification

Vortex Distillation

Fleet's Passage

Hexagonia ad Imaginarium

Seed Star Yoga - Super Nova

A Burst of Evolution

The 3 Alchemists

Cubic Graphica

Motus Spirali (Twist of Fate)

Outside the Circle, Within.

7 Cubed - Full Moon Magic

The Structure of the Illusion is Emptiness

A Self-Reflected Medicine

The Queen & King of 64

Water is Life

The Catalyst

Solstice 2016 - Delivery System

33 Suns - Master Mandala

The Choir of 11 Healing Angels


The Power of Good News

Channelling Pure Data

Through the Portal

Medicinalis Herba

Dream Weaving

Building Bridges

Psychedelic Phrenology

The Intelligence of Water

Clear Light Attractor

The Garden of Forgiveness

The Enigma of Inspiration

Calcination - Alchemy 1

Dissolution - Alchemy 2

Separation - Alchemy 3

Conjunction - Alchemy 4

Fermentation - Alchemy 5

Distillation - Alchemy 6

Coagulation - Alchemy 7

The Heart of Accuracy

Blue Sunflower

Heart Chakra Torus

An Essence of Destiny

As the Pendulum Swings

Rainbow Body

The Compass of the Eightfold Path

Spatial Awareness 2

As Above - So Below




Ordo ab Chao II

Here it is

Distillation of Vedanta

The Rosetta Stones of Imagination

Yoga by Design


Bridging the Realm

The Geometry of Transformation

Time to be Seen

Levitation Practice

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination

Love is the Destination