Preta Eshana


Upon the dawn of her ninth year, Preta’s earliest memory returned as a summer’s dream

She was inspired her to reclaim her Heart Jewel

She located her jewel, and recovered the precious treasure from the Blue Ocean of Nectar that had been filled to overflowing by Amitayus - the Buddha of Limitless Life

Alerted, she harnessed the enneagram - awakening her subtle and previously elusive capacities

The mandala ascended from the deep waters to greet her memories

Whereupon she manifested a mandala offering of jewels


Realising her destiny, the vajra palace grounds of blue light offered her protection for her stage of generation

Her faith in the Vajrayana called her to recollect traditional Tibetan blessings, in honour of the Holy Ones

She called upon Vajrayogini

Visualised the letter BAM seeded within her heart chakra

And yearned for the bliss of Heruka Chakrasambara

Knowing the power of prayer

She inhaled deeply, exhaled slowly, closed her eyes and could breathe free of all attachments and suffering

Inner Peace - the song of her mantra

The Beginning.