Neo Tantra


The Sacred Geometry of Tantra  
A collection of recent works by Mark Golding

"with the brush of samadhi, paint a masterpiece incorporating all beauties of life"

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With Joyful Intention
Mindful & Alert
Dancing with Bliss and Emptiness

I mapped the mystic

With life and work as sadhana embodied

I dream of a Mahasiddha

With no qualification but faith

And the dullness of a young Lam Chung

But with his work as his patience practice

He might craft an offering

Whose line threads a tale

Of devotion and service

To a dream of inspiration

Sung by the Noble Ones

And witnessed and honoured by such a foolish one as I

Who struggles through the snow covered mountian passes

Fighting the temptations of samsara

Whose illusory capacity appears supreme 

This fool wishes not to sleep

But intoxicated by deception

The allusive instruction for a mandala painter

Awaits the call of the Yogi

Whose chance encounter

Shall offer the sacred text, encoded

In simple prose

That even this fool might engage

With the path, illuminated

By those who have gone before, those that follow the path, and those whose intention is pure.

Gratitude for the inspiration for this illustrated essay to - Neo Tantric Art as Liberation, an essay for Sotheby's by Savita Apte