Jewel Mandalas

Jewelled Mandalas

Set with precious and semi-precious stones

A commission series, describing the process of locating Polaris (Pole Star) in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere, through locating Ursa Major (Great Bear - Plough/Big Dipper), mounted with white sapphire, diamond, quartz and zircon.

Now the stars are set in stone.

I have an extensive collection of rare and precious, and semi-precious cut gemstones that I use for custom work.

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The jewelled night sky, with orchid and rainbow.

An amethyst mounted mandala

With rainbows

In the laboratory setting

7 Chakra Jewel Mandala

Each chakra position is mounted with the appropriately coloured semi-precious gemstone.

This series of artworks are prepared on an extremely rare, strong, durable hand-made parchment paper, created around 50 years ago, and purchased from an artist's studio closure sale, where it had never been used (saved for a rainy day).
I have several sheets remaining.