Jewellery For Your Walls


I reflected upon the evolution of my art

As my dream of a mandala of precious jewels

Shone purely through my mind

As an offering of gold and gemstones

Held aloft to Buddha

Whose sapphire beauty

Dissolved a snowflake of diamonds

Into her amethyst crown chakra

Where the 1000 petalled lotus

Radiated the fire of wisdom

In homage to Sun and Moon

And Holy Dharma

Of the 5 elements

To initiate union

Through an offering of treasures


Upon palms of offering

To all 

Who seek inner peace

Where the arrival greets our destination.


I will create a Jewel Mandala for you, as precious and valuable as you wish, whatever your budget.

Jewellery For Your Walls.

Price range £200 to £100,000

Inspired by many long hours of conversation with my fellow Sussex mandala maker, Stephen Meakin