The Icosahedron - An Icon

The Icosahedron - An Unconventional Exploration

My journey of exploration began with this, my first drawing called - Imaginary Medicine.

This is throwing all my cards upon the table. 

I dream of an Imaginational Medicine.

An answer is awaiting.

Roll the dice, there ain't no making sense of magic, though the ancient creator of this mystic form knew something.

Relax your grip on the forces that bind, stay loose amid the tension, for a relaxed and open mind can see beyond the horizon of the normal.

There is a lunar lander about to descend into your consciousness, not of my doing, but that of the scientific evidence.

A capsid is the protein shell of a virus (oligomeric structural sub-units made of protomers). The capsid encloses the genetic material of the virus, and protects it from lethal chemical and physical agents. The icosahedron is an extremely common form of capsid.

Cutting edge synthetic biologists are creating 'cargo containers' of proteins, as nano-scale spacecraft like devices, that could encapsulate and deliver therapies to specific types of cell, such as cancer cells. 

These synthetic viral capsids would be tough enough to withstand the journey, will have sufficient storage, and able to release contents upon arrival.

A delivery system.

This work is being carried out at the University of Washington (Heath Sciences), and at the University of Washington Institute of Protein Design by Yang Hsia. 

A.I.D.S.  Virus - This shape will keep appearing along this journey. It will jog your genetic memory.

A wake up call, an activation of the senses.

This might be your last chance to catch the falling star, reaching for the comet's tail.

I use Chrome as my browser, and what does this say to you?

Activate and stimulate. Pay attention.

Viral is something we seek these days, corporations would pay a fortune for the codes of internet virality.

Reach inside, something might be waiting to bite your hand off.

Scary, exciting or does it bore you?

Crystal clear experimentations.

A brief display of fireworks.

Radiolarians – real, weird, ancient and everywhere. But you cannot see them... and at their centre, yes the icosahedron.

Tilting at windmills, just the thing that a fool might do.

The terror of the deep. Hot water preferred. Fear of the dark.

The inescapable connections of everything, at all times. Everything is your responsibility.

Puzzled about this whole essay? Unravel the knot, and you may have found the very keys of life.

I am just playing, but there is a point to all this.

Though the points are scattered, and arranged at various depths.

I should confess... I am imagining a medicine, but you may have guessed that.

A medicine for real. Just like the chemists make for you. Drug companies and such like.

Its a matter of timing, and being ready to add the components to the mechanism at the perfect time. Magic as it happens.

I am making a point. Of scientific usage. Pinpricks.

This experiment has to be chaotic, agitated and uncontrolled. Then the truth can rise to the surface.

Are you seeing the medicine pattern taking shape yet?

For within the dark, exists the light.

What is the collective noun for a group of icosahedra? We make one up.

A Hex of Icosahedrons.

For this is working with the process of Hex.

Far beneath the surface dwells the terrors of the deep. Reach deep into your fear, it will not bite, for the teeth are feathers. 

Patterns reveal a mystic language of truth.

And look, a pussycat escaping.

Formality in medicine making requires a certain degree of balance.

Captured beyond our natural knowing.

The ancients could see beyond our limited vision. The past holds a mirror to the potential of the future.

For what is external is mirrored internally, in the dance of eternity.

Find your balance, harmonious in anticipation, and held without form.

I think, therefore I can. Thank you Descartes.

Constrained by the illusion of time, and held upon expectation. Reverse that in your mind, please.

I shall place this under the microscope.

Release the worms from the can, open up that can of worms. It will make sense.

The origami of music - unfold the sound of medicine.

The power of the computational matrix breathes amongst us, silently, as we evolve in dynamic function.

The message is being delivered.

Precisely, though dependent upon chance.

Eclipsing all, whilst the passage is covered.

The mechanism activates.

According to chance. More dice to throw..

At 42 degrees, the light catches the rain, and creates the rainbow circle.

Virality, it spreads like wildfire.

Gold – the most precious held element, included in our medicinal journey.

Tension? Relax... And observe the ration of 1.618 - The Golden Ratio. The icosahedral tensegrity might be the primitive building block of biological tensegrity.

Into the smallest space, compressed and held.

And then, release. Again.

Fibonacci – you've heard of him. He speaks with the geometry of life. And it is our chance to play with creation, as creators of the future.

Geometric connections of universality.

From drafts of lead pencil.

To the natural form of fools gold, though preciousness is in the eye of the beholder.

Icosahedrite - the first known naturally occuring quasi-crystal, won Professor Bindi a Nobel Prize in 2011.

It is all so complicated.

And also complicated, as simple water – the Aquarian carrier, frozen.

Traditionally the icosahedron is associated with the water element, in Plato's interpreted schematic.

The formation of icosahedral nano-particles.

Unwrapping the gift. Thirty lines. Twenty Triangles. Sixty Angles. Three Thousand Six Hundred Degrees. Five Lines per Node. Twelve Nodes. Twelve Pentagons. Six Manifest Pentagons. Twelve Vertices. Thirty Edges. Sixty Rotational Orientation Preserving Symmetries. 

Revealing the structural components.

Measuring the truncations.

Just simple triangles, that is all.

Dropped into the spring waters of life.

Added to the medicine.

Kepler, he sliced it apart.

Leonardo da Vinci, he put it together.

As did this alchemist, uniting the QSAR of modern drug discovery and design.

Living creatures took this form.

Complex interpenetrations.

Multiple vortices.

Mouth and foot, both.

Such a complex dynamic.

Time to unwrap the present.

I wonder. A drug design? I really shouldn't be so crazy, should I, but this is my cancer mandala, for use in meditation, as an imaginary medicine.

Virus - Go Viral, Infect, Spread - Healing Magic.

A Self-Reflected Medicine

What is next? 

64 Chess I Ching Enigma

The Catalyst

Surprise: A virus-like protein is important for cognition and memory - January 11, 2018, University of Utah

A protein important for cognition and memory named Arc can encapsulates genetic material (icosahedron) and delivers it to brain cells in a manner similar to the way in which viruses infect host cells.

Delivery System.