Honouring the Moment


My Journey to Winter Solstice 2012

Visual meditations upon the experience of each unique day, commencing from the solar eclipse in November 13th 2012, to the Winter Solstice upon 21.12.12

New Moon Eclipse - November 2012

To Leave the 3D Hologram

Yang Yin Union

I Honour Your Path

Healed Swastikas

Starlight Life Breath

The Bliss of Tantra

Merkaba Majic - BAM!

Monergy - A New Current, See!

Orgasmic Time Portal

Through the Event Horizon - An Attractor

Parting the Veil of Stars

Twinkling Alignment - Lunar Eclipse November 2012

The Atlas Sweet Spot

Phoenix Fire - Dharma Rising

Bliss Egg Incubating

Exhaling Ego

Heart Chakra Blessings

Fruit of Wisdom

A Joyful Wheel


Golden Silence

299,792,458 + 1 Homages to Prajnaparamita
(a puzzle for the imagination)

12.12.12 OM OM OM
(Vajrayogini 37)

Middle East Peace Plan - The 7 Sisters at Play

Solstice Dawn - The Golden Age of Dharma
(Wheel of Sharp Weapons Sutra)