Geometry of Baskets


Where hard working hands contrive to weave

With the mystery threads of oblique crossroads

Obeying the laws

Of colour and harmony

Until the spiral returns to the end

Of the journey of plants.

The patterns emerge

Oftentimes convoluted

Prior to their meaning being established

Though still misintepreted

Nevertheless, joyous languages

Of the obsessional 

Devoted and dedicated

Pattern makers

Of both form and function

Perform through the lens

To the healers and the healed

That have launched conversations

Of practicality

And delight

Where the craft ascends to art

And flawed perfection speaks truth

Through the dialogue of expression

Whereupon structure is beauty

And curves, that of the Divine

Spoken in the spirit of the hexagon

Sung in simplicity

And treasured in tradition

Whose ever ascending patterns

Evolve with beauty.