Lapidary - Gemstones and Jewels

A Private Collection of Fine & Rare Precious Gemstones

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For in amongst the dragons's coil
dwell gifted tears, those born of toil
through Gaia's presence, ever known
are captured kisses, angel blown

As glitt'ring shards of captured time,
they shaped and polished, as they shine
their captivating sensual flare
of beckoning desire

And now with ever widening eyes,
across the face of these cut stones
first citrine, she, that purifies
her yellow sparkle in the skies
imagined in your dreams

Oh, rarest green, with deep allure
of oceanic distant shore
thy emerald, the noble fire
that does inspire the breath of love

And in amongst the royal stones
live topaz, with the subtle tones
and silken touch exciting thee
in sensual multiplicity

And chosen for her darker glow
is garnet, she who softly knows
the treasured path of ancient routes
and pathways of those trader's ways
of spice and richness, offered in your dreams

The sapphire goddess, royal blue
whose hypnotising subtle hue
engages princes of the world
to honour love's majestic ways
upon desirous paths

Imagination thus inspired and caught afire
by visionaries sacred dreams
where what it seems is cast adrift
thus ruby's magic soon appears, allays your fears
and welcomes peace into your life

So, amethyst, in purple gaze
the centre of the mystic's maze
where labyrinthine mystery
holds magic clues for healing thee

And thus to aqua's favoured ways
that follow truth through night and day
where essence of of her gentle face
connects the peace that dwells within
your perfect soul

And hidden in amongst the gems
sweet peridot, whose hint of green
holds revelations, as yet unseen
except to you, the one who knows her truth

And thus to crystal's silent voice
magnificent, the master's choice
whose power comes to all that seek
to venture into holy heart
of that, the healing path

 And now we've entered to the ways
of ancient magic, of the days
of talisman and mystery
in ceremonies, rites and plays
where rituals of love and bliss
are shared by lover's sacred kiss
to offer gifts of open heart
enduring through the vast expanse of time.

For hidden in this treasure chest
uncovered by the seeker's eyes
lay mysteries of deep surprise...

In twisted paper, coiled and wrapped
rest prisms Sanderson had cut
prepared for light and colour play
kaleidoscopic early days
of Brewsters magic toys.

For cutting gemstones was his trade
the aristocratic seals he made
for Parliament and Royalty
and hidden for a century.

And in amongst the treasures here
are birth stones for a lover's gift
eternal as your children's eyes
that open into perfect skies
that ease your heart to peace

As of the hands of jeweller
we summon forth the majesty
of jewel craft of ancient ways
creating precious treasures
that will last as long as time.