Forest Bathing Sussex


Guided by Helena Skoog


Our Cellular Memory – that which awakens our yearning for inner peace, in contemplation of the forest language.

Expressions of Vitality – to engage with the vigour and dynamic of both growth and expression.

Expansive, Limitless and Healing – that only Nature can fully share, to your open heart for a soul of peace.

For the Benefits - Opening our senses, awakening the dialogue between ourselves and the natural world.

Walking with Mindfulness - Each step upon the forest path will deepen the experience of reflective immersion, guiding profound meditation.

Perfect Stress Medicine - Allowing the voice of the forest to sing her song to your soul.

The History Book - This is the Healing Way of Shinrin-Yoku, the medicine of the forest. It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

On Training Day - With 5 senses as keys, learn to bathe fully in the forest atmosphere, taking in the forest through our senses.

Off-Grid Accommodation – Offering deep woodland shelter in our beautiful shepherd’s hut, or camping facilities for groups and also those seeking solitude.

Seasonal Foraging - gathering the healing plants that the forest provides.

Rituals & Ceremonies – To dissolve old patterns of resistance, through authentic, traditional magical work into awakening.

Path to Discovery - When it comes to finding calm and relaxation, we find no one solution – all variations of personal experience and inner reflections are heard by the forest, and you will be guided to your own place of presence.

Academy of Forest Bathing – A developmental, immersive, experiential and sensual training, over a 3 day retreat.

Immersive - The effects of the forest will be powerful. You will develop relationships with special places in the forest. These places will be powerful for you and your connection with them will be strong.

Creating Elixirs and Essences - Gathering energies, vitality and healing expressions, to serve as intimate medicines.

Our Garden of Forgiveness – Inspired by the name, to create a forest garden whose spoken language is of forgiveness.

Silver Moon Ceremony – Guided rituals, celebrating the lunar cycle of our monthly flow, accompanied by a subtle sound journey.

Earth Mandala Making – Using woodland treasure finds, we shall co-create a celebratory healing mandala, delighting the elementals of the ancient woodlands.

A Yogic Engagement – Learning gentle bodywork and breathwork to unify mindfulness, contemplation and meditation to awaken heightened sensual awareness.

Alchemical Perspectives - The transmutation of a dull leaden mind into a Golden Consciousness.

Soft, Sweet Sussex – Her unique forest language offers sublime healing and discreet empowerment for the furtherance of personal soul development.

Led by Swedish teacher, Helena Skoog, who was born and raised in the forests of Sweden, and has lived 4 years off-grid in ancient forestry in Sussex.

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Location: Coombe Woods, near Hartfield, Sussex TN8 7EA



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3 Year Intensive

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Forest Bathing with Grandad

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National Forest Bathing Day - September 12th 2020