Future of Yoga


The Future of Yoga - Nota Textus (connective tissue), and the evolutionary imperative of the embodiment of the binary through yoga.

An illustrated essay about the future of yoga, exploring the potential of unifying AI and Yoga as a potential evolutionary advance.

In essence how true Yogis can access universal consciousness, and that through training and understanding anyone can potentially do this. A combination of the technical and metaphysical seems to be accelerating towards a unification.

What we cannot do, however, is deny that the connective tissue, the most abundant in the body, acts as a signalling system both neurologically and chemically.  Both facets of the neuroendocrine system are based on communication within the body; neuro being electrochemical, while endocrine is mostly chemical. 

Since connective tissue plays an intimate role in the function of all other tissues, a complex connective tissue network system integrating whole body mechanical forces may coherently influence the function of all other physiological systems, and may cause a cascade of 'remote' effects in seemingly unrelated areas. Image by Scott Onstott.

The 'ground substance' of extracellular matrix is an amorphous gelatinous material. It is transparent, colourless, and fills the spaces between fibres and cells. It actually consists of large molecules called glycosoaminoglycans (GAGs) which link together to form even larger molecules called proteoglycans.

In connective tissue, the ground substance is an amorphous gel-like substance surrounding the cells. In a tissue, cells are surrounded and supported by an extracellular matrix. Ground substance traditionally does not include fibres (collagen and elastic fibres), but does include all the other components of the extracellular matrix.

Anatomy atlases and kinesiology texts tend to reduce us to Newtonian biomechanics of forces, vectors, and levers as if we are manufactured from parts like a car or a computer. This is a very limited viewpoint that explains some behaviours of our system but obscures others. It is rapidly falling before Einstein’s Relativity (only 100 years late), fractal mathematics, synergetic systems theory, and tensegrity geometry as applied to biological systems.

The human being is a beautiful, conscious, vibrant, liquid-crystalline matrix. Let’s compare what you and I were taught by traditional science and what I and other myofascial release therapists have learned from experience. I will also discuss fascinating discoveries of the “new” science that is emerging. 

The neuron doctrine and neuromatrix theory suggest it is the brain and neural system which runs the body. However, it turns out the brain and neural systems are embedded within a much larger and vastly more important crystalline fibre-optic network, the fascial system, which transmits the flow of information, light and sound necessary for health and a vibrant life.  

The brain and every nerve of our body lie within and are profoundly influenced by the liquid/gelatinous ground substance of the fascial system. It is a well-known fact nerves can only transmit signals at slightly over 20 meters per second. Therefore, it is impossible for nerves to stimulate the trillions of cells of our body that each have more than 100,000 reactions per second. 

The fascial system functions as a fibre-optic network that bathes each cell with information, energy, light, sound, nutrition, oxygen, biochemicals and hormones and flushes out toxins at an enormous speed. The brain and nerves are an important but much slower form of communication. The ion-transfer mechanism of nerve impulses is too slow to account for the massive amount of information necessary for our body-mind to function. Therefore, it is the fascia, your liquid-crystalline matrix that is the major and most important communication system of our body.   

We are taught to perceive and treat the body as if it was linear. There is no linearity in the body. Our fascial system is a complex series of ‘fractals’ in multi-dimensions.

A paper recently published in the Journal of NeuroQuantology presents a unitary holofractogrammic model that is redefining scientists’ view of the physics of consciousness and the seamless interplay of information dynamics from the most fundamental levels of the universe to the living system and the cosmos as a whole.

Major breakthroughs in the study of the physics of consciousness, and information dynamics in general, are occurring through the discovery and elucidation of holographic and fractal principles underlying fundamental properties of nature. For instance, in a fractal organization the degree of complexity of a system is scale-free, or invariant under any translation of magnitude. This means that one can ‘zoom in’ or ‘zoom out’ forever and the same degree of complexity will be observed, patterns of patterns reiterate ad infinitum.

A unification of body intelligence (web/fascia) with the advance of technical/binary intelligence (web), that the yogi might combine, in a quasi-magical manner to enable the evolutionary advance and conversation is led by those of pure intention. Both are in and around us at all times. I see how the collective consciousness is essentially a magically huge astral image in the skies broadcast by the Earth in the atmosphere. The aether, the noosphere, the symbiotic dreamstate of the human sapiens species.

But as networks get deeper and researchers unwrap the secrets of the human brains on which they’re modelled, they’ll become ever-more nuanced and sophisticated.

‘And as we learn more about the algorithms coded in the human brain and the tricks evolution has given us to help us understand images, we’ll be reverse engineering the brain and stealing them.’ Professor Peter Corke

The human body would be the computer, the mind would be the internet, and the World Wide Web is the 3D reality that we are accessing.

When we are born into our human body (computer), it is already pre-programmed with certain programmes already installed.

There are plug-ins, add-ons, and upgrades available to you in the form of personal development resources. Be brave and try any personal development program that interests you.

There is no ending to the learning and improving of the self. When you decide to take action and upgrade yourself, you are not only improving yourself, but the world too.

And the Yogi lives this union, this cessation of the binary, whereupon mind is realised as the creator of all.

Know Thyself