Geometry of the Divine Feminine


44 Mandalas 44 Prayers 44 Spoken Meditations
44 Empowerments

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Prepare to meet, engage and resolve those parts of you which prevent you from moving forward, and opening up a clearer path within your mind, body and soul.

This is a gentle and beautiful process. The complete course presents the work to be used either within a group, using the divine feminine prayers and mandalas, or during your own personal meditation practice, to further deepen the experience. Choose the mandalas that speak to you, these are the ones that can help you most at any given time.....

Here are 4 sample cards with their mandala and the individual prayer for meditation.

Take some time with each, and gently meditate upon the meaning of the words, whilst looking at the mandala.

She - Divine Compassion

She - Divine Compassion

With tireless grace and patience, you care for others, as your very heartbeat pulses deep ripples of compassion.

For this is your way, your path - you who cannot look away from the suffering of others, and will come to the aid of those who are troubled, sick or frightened.

Your constant silent prayers for others are known and heard, witnessed with gratitude by creation herself, and thus you are deeply loved.

Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

She - Divine Seer

She - Divine Seer 

The mystic paths of complex weave passing through infinite pools of potential shall be your guide.

For you, the past of the future is known as the present, and thus you can see, and thus you can follow the hidden pathway.

Gaze deeply into the pools of the infinite mind of mirrors within, and as the waters slowly clear, your insight will reveal the perfect healing path. 

For you are born with the subtle gifts of the oracle, and you see the illuminated pathways of service.

Each stepping stone is known to you as you grace the path.

Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

She - Divine Prosperity

She - Divine Prosperity

An immediate sense of prosperity within a single moment is a beautiful feeling to give yourself.

This gift of permission is an experience, one that is determined without consideration of current external conditions.

The richness of your senses offers you sublime prosperity, enhanced by the steadying re-assurance that anxiety is dissolved by this flow that is now arising from within.

Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

She - Divine Angel

She - Divine Angel 

You discard your cloak, you are released, and your expression is freed.

Sense and acknowledge the angelic seeds within you, as this will activate your potential. 

Feel the rapid expansive expression as your inner angel is born... the awakening song of creation from within your soul. 

Perfect and timely, your wings are spreading upon each breath of joy and love.

Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine.


A sample meditation audio, the spoken and guided introduction for your meditations.


Each mandala and prayer has an individual audio recording for each guided meditation.

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