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13 Moon Yogas


Alchemy for the Soul

Angelic Geometry

Apothecary's Geometry

Architecture & Geometry

Architecture of Inner Peace

Astrological Geometry


Birthing Mandalas


Buddha - The Alchemist


Crystal Healing Geometry

Cyber Geometry

Digital Mandalas

Divination Games

Double Up

Elixir - An Art Ritual

Fashion & Geometry

Fresh Homes

Future of Yoga

Garden Geometry

Geometry of Cosmology

Geometry of Emotions

Geometry of Kites

Geometry of Language

Geometry as Medicine

Geometry of Mind

Geometry of Mythology

Geometry of Packaging

Geometry of Pasta

Geometry of Plant Medicines

Geometry of The Divine Feminine

Geometry of Psychological Integration

Geometry of Sight

Geometry of Time

Geometry of Warfare

Honouring the Moment

In the Outside

Invisible Geometry

Islamic Geometry

Jewelled Mandalas

Lapidary - Gemstones & Jewels

Lost Treasures of the Imagination

Magnum Opus

Mandalas as Maps of Consciousness


Man of a Million Circles

Master Mandala

Medicine Wheels

Memes I Made

Molecular Geometry

Moon Ritual

Museum of Geometry

Meditation Practice


Pilgrim's Lexicon

Profane Geometry

Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Sacred Geometry

Seeds of  Fearless Future

Signals - Acrylic Prints

Spheres of Influence

Synchromystic Mandalas

The Golden Thread of Sacred Spirit

The Icosahedron - An Icon

The Pure Path of Water

The Rite of Spring

The Sacred Geometry of Yoga

The Yoga of Sight

There are no Rules and Anything is Possible

Thirteen Grandmothers


Water's Intelligent Language