I have created many series of drawings, that represent healing journeys, transformational processes, and also individual drawings created to serve healing therapy modalities. A selection of my series work can be seen below... Please note - the facebook images are low resolution snaps, giving an insight into the drawings. I have a complete library of the original drawings, and high resolution images available.

Please click on the images to reveal the the collections...

Divine Sacred Geometry - Awakening Divine Feminine Wisdom

Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

We walk the path of wisdom, illuminated by the fulfilment of our destiny.

For we hold the essence of the Divine Feminine within us all, awaiting the call to arise in recogniton of our limitless capacity.

We witness the structures of existence, unaware of the hidden energy patterns that are the language of creation.

Within the manifest resides the invisible, and now, through the language of sacred geometry and mandala art, our eyes can be assimilated to these hidden connectivities - stimulating and activating subtle yet powerful inner responses.

Attuned with precision to enable recalibration of your energetic response and understanding, neural pathways are awakened to facilitate the realisation of your full potential.

The radical physical and spiritual alignments achieved with these optical experiences will awaken your subconscious through subtle coded retinal sequences.

You will heal deep traumatic and emotional trauma by revealing, reconnecting and integrating your deepest wishes for inner peace, balance and contentment.

This is your personal journey, upon 44 stepping stones, a progressive, sequential and practical path that will create a deep foundation of structure, empowerment and growth, and thus you will awaken the wisdom of your divine feminine.

Draw a daily card of inspiration, or create a spread, drawn by intuition, to activate your sequenced development, for each card is attuned to your source experience.

And as the sounds of inner harmony awaken your soul, you will evolve fully into your destiny.

The Architecture of Inner Peace

To manifest a temple within the mind. A contemplative diary through my creative engagement process, of both flow and non-duality. Uplifting and radiant, these drawings are intended as preparations for the spiritual path.


An ongoing series of commissioned drawings, forming the basis of a body of work, for a retreat centre in Ireland. Wayfinder - Clan Mothers is a beautiful journey of The 13 Original Clan Mothers who each share a wonderful spiritual gift of wisdom to assist our everyday lives.

Nova Yoga

The Way of the Yogi... A beautiful series commission, created for a Yoga Teacher who works with students who have special requirements.

It was an honour for me to help create a series of visual mnemonics to serve as initiatory triggers, in terms of understanding the basics of the Yogic Path.

The Special Yoga Centre offer beautiful integrated individual and collective classes for those with special requirements, and particularly for children with special needs. The possibility of using visual stimulation in parallel with soft yoga excercises might create openings and increased awareness was a concept that really excited me, and is, in part, one of the reasons why I draw mandalas.

To use the eye sense awareness to open up communication with those beautiful children with autism, by creating a potential of order, amidst the chaos, whilst aligning the body with yoga, might serve as powerful medicine for the soul. I live in hope, and I love in hope.

5 Drawings, 5 Meanings, 5 Processes...

Shanti - I am Peace... The perfect understanding of peace. Inner Peace - the goal of all living beings, to find and reside within a state of inner peace. Not transient, not departing, but ever increasing, ever growing. As the mind gains familiarity with inner peace the option arises whereby the access codes to this once elusive state of mind fully manifest. Inner peace is only ever a single though away.

Prema - I am Love... Every aspect of the physical body can be energised and connected with love. The option to leave not a single atom untouched exists. Allowing love to pervade the body/mind is a healing, nourishing and sustaining process that brings deep rewards, both in the immediate present, and also serves to create tendencies of increased loving sensibilities. Let it flow...

Joti - I am Light... The balance of light and dark, the dawn that follows the night, and the light that banishes the shadows. In full creative awareness, the Yogi navigates through the storm and turmoil with the light of Enlightenment as the beacon attractor. The dance throughout the night, and the fearless engagement with the inner darkness illuminates the way, the path.

Ananda - I am Joy... To ride upon the crest of the wave, to surf the moment - this is joy. A wisdom alignment that considers many aspects and conditions, and is able to remain in joy, feel of joy, and thus to be joy. In joy there is no past nor future, the Eternal Now opens wide to accept a joyous heart, whose expansive potential knows no limit.

Grounding and Centreing... And following the 4 blissful engagements above, the wise will consider how to encapsulate and seed this majestic process, so as to keep it alive, in transience, forever. The process of dedication is a powerful closure to any spiritual practice whereby the fruits are offered, for the benefit of all living beings. And once given away, can never be lost...

A Pilgrim's Lexicon

To be a pilgrim...

A series of drawings representing the aspects of my path, and possibly the paths of all pilgrims. For to travel the Pilgrim's Way is to follow in the footsteps of all those who journey upon the Path to Enlightenment.

26 Steps, each empowered with the qualities and understanding to reach your destination. To arrive is to complete, as the pilgrimage is the journey, step by step, breath by breath...

A is for Awareness - As you commence, allow your awareness to include each sense, and a location within space and time. Knowing where you are, as you start.

B is for Blessing - Free your mind from the inhibition of allowing blessings to arise, a graceful acceptance.

C is for Courage - Though fear may arise, familiarity with courage can overcome self-doubt, and thus expand the potential to continue the path.

D is for Dedication - With each step, the pilgrim can dedicate all virtue and positivity to arise, and be shared amongst all beings, each step being an offering.

E is for Empathy - The golden potential to listen, to hear, and to know the pains of others. Conjoined in understanding, the shared essence of us all.

F is for Faith - That which only we know as individuals, though faith is that which we cannot know with our direct senses, but serves as a beacon throughout our lives...

G is for Gratitude - Look around and see how many things are available for our use in our lives, and contemplate the interdependence of all beings, the place we share with one another.

H is for Hope - An attractor of light, that resides ahead, within the tunnel. Ahead is where the beacon of hope dwells, and sustains the pilgrim upon the path.

I is for Inspiration - Seemingly from nowhere. A momentary flash that ignites the spark that serves as encouragement, and opens up hitherto closed doors.

J is for Joy - That which we see in a natural flower, a universal expression that exists and serves to lighten the pilgrim's step - perhaps a glimpse of sunlight upon the forest floor.

K is for Kismet - Fate? Karma? Those incredible and unbelievable occurances that come to greet the pilgrim upon the path, both challenging and revealing.

L is for Love - Only love. The antidote to fear, a universal panacea that does heal, does release, and does change everything.

M is for Miracle - Every pilgrim will know a miracle, or maybe two. It is little understood how the personal and intimate miracle will be revealed, but - every pilgrim knows that miracle exist.

N is for Nourishment -Every breath, every step, every tear, every dawn and every sunset. Each of these will nourish the pilgrim. Along the path are many rises and falls, and many corners to turn...

O is for Optimism - When the load feels heavy, and the light is dimmed, the knowing of optimism is an inner energy source that will lighten the load, and clear the way ahead.

P is for Pilgrimage - To know the destination, and take the first step, knowing that the journey has started... One single step, one at a time, that is the way of the pilgrim.

Q is for Quest - Ahead lies that which the pilgrim seeks. An understanding, maybe a truth, maybe a healing or cure - and this is the grail each pilgrim quests.

T is for Tempest - There may be one day, or one night, when the temptation to abandon the pilgrimage is at it most powerful, the dark night of the soul, through which all pilgrims must pass.

U is for Union - When the pilgrim looks around, and raises eyes to meet the eyes of other pilgrims, other seekers along the path. Each serving their own dream, though knowing union in common purpose.

V is for Vocation - The beckoning of the pilgrim's way is deeply known throughout life, the destiny that calls to every soul who has the sacred calling. It will be done, when the time arrives...

W is for Warrior - To fight the inner daemons of doubt, fear and uncertainty, and to wear the armour that graces the pilgrim to pass, ultimately unharmed.

X is for Xenogenesis - Creating and allowing the soul's evolution. Passing through the threshold of inherited inhibitions - now freed and released, the tide has turned.

Y is for Yearning - The soul surges for the journey's end, as the destination reveals, and the burden of the trials now become transparent in their meaning... Now I understand!

Z is for Zeitgeist - That time. That moment. The meaning found in the essence of completion. Captured within the mind's eye, sensed all around. It is now, the zeitgeist...

Your journey will be completed, and healing will be effected.

The Lost Treasures of the Imagination

I awoke from a deep dream, and sat up bolt upright. A phrase had entered my dream, and the words drew me into an awakened state.

The Lost Treasures of the Imagination. A beautiful thought...

It sounded so familiar I expected it to be from a classic novel, or philosophical text - so I did the expected and googled it. And to my surprise, there were only 2 references. It was an unexplored idea.

The Lost Treasures of the Imagination.

Around this time a friend and colleague asked me to create a series of drawings that he could use with his work as a hypnotherapist/dream archetype worker. He sent me detailed briefs of the 12 Dream Archetypes, and after contemplation I chose to refine the descriptions to a single word...

The Treasures of the Imagination - rediscovered...

The Treasure of Fulfilment - Often a fleeting experience, but a treasure that becomes, through familiarity, a treasure that can be nurtured within. Imagine complete fulfilment - access this treasure of the imagination.

The Treasure of Compassion - If I have compassion, for you, this means that I wish for you to be free from suffering. It is possible to imagine having compassion for every single living being. Can you try and locate that treasure?

The Treasure of Consideration - Imagine following a life's path where every action taken was inititiated by the consideration of the effect it would have on others, and even more powerfully... If you imagined a powerful positive effect.

The Treasure of Decision - If every decision was taken, following a wisdom path - How simple and wonderful the effects would be. Every decision is a choice, and every choice can be perfect!

The Treasure of Impermanence - This insight, the treasure of impermanence, frees the capacity to engage with the impossible, as in the dance of constant motion anything can happen in the very next moment, and... all has passed immediately.

The Treasure of Adaptability - To have a nimble mind, one that can imagine quickly and creatively to any situation, and adapt, improvise and evolve in the present moment.

The Treasure of Choice - The possibility of making the correct choice, moment by moment. From amongst the myriad possibilities, if the imagination is led towards a perfected ideal, the choice will fufil that dream.

The Treasure of Wisdom - The wise are you and I. The seeds of wisdom might be dormant, but within the imagination these seeds can be encouraged to grow, and with this treasure happiness and peace of mind will naturally follow.

The Treasure of Engagement - Once engaged the process is conjoined with intention, and thenceforth the assimilation of the previous treasures can be accessed at all times. Imagine being in harmony with the treasure of engagement...

The Treasure of Confidence - To grow into the role of an Earth Keeper, one who guides the principles upon which the future path of Gaia, confidence is available... Available in unlimited quantity, if you could imagine this...

The Treasure of Transition - As the earth turns, opportunities arise, moment by moment, and this recognition of transition can be improved upon through creative engagement, predicated upon powerful imaginal intentions.

The Treasure of Certainty - For once the process has been carefully initiated, there is absolute certainty that the results will occur. And should you choose to complete the process of healing, imagine the certainty that is knowable.

The Treasure of Opening - To begin the ceremony or ritual of 'The Lost Treasures of the Imagination', prepare by using the opening mandala, which serves as a visual coding sequence. Operated by pro-active viewing.

The Treasure of Abiding - The intermediate stage, in an awakened presence, that holds the continuance for the duration of the journey. To abide, in a peaceful and alert state of mind might seem challenging, but surely, if you can imagine a tranquil abiding, it does exist, in potential.

The Treasure of Completion - Once the journey is completed, the insight and understanding gained can be encapsulated, as a seed, used in future journeys. This treasure, this seed, exists in the imagination of both the healer and the healed.

The Treasure of Dissolution - All that is, and will ever be, will dissolve, released back into the entirety, and this treasure of the imagination permits and graces the letting go of the outcome. For now, the outcome is certain, and both healer and healed become one.

There are no Rules, and Anything is Possible

A series to illustrate the latent potential to explore beyond our taught limitations...

Who told you that there are rules? Who told you that something was impossible? Perhaps this was the most important advice of your life, but.... Imagine there are no rules and that anything is possible. Dare you explore your own potential?

I voyaged into this series after the Winter Solstice of 2012, having been reborn, recreated, revived and renewed... and invigorated into taking my new steps into the New Aeon, a time when the old rules were left behind, to be forgotten...

1. Creating Language - The old is now obsolete, and a new language arises, predicated upon the immersive engagement of imagery. Gone the limiting sigils of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and welcome the unlimited power of the language of union, the language of non-duality.

2. Healing, as Ordered Sequencing - Self empowerment, self medication and self healing insights. Completely new, though based in long forgotten truths - we are all healers, and doctors of our own health, for who knows you best? You do...

3. Ever Closer - No need for impatience or irritation, for the cycles and circles are evolving ever closer, sensing the surge of the collective consciousness towards the Perfection of Wisdom - that which is known by the wise.

4. Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analysis - A visual play upon the structured geometry of the pioneers of movement discovery, a language created by both Laban and Bartenieff, inclusive and energised, and in the past laid before strong powers of the 20th Century, and dismissed, but now realised for the powerful potentials therein.

5. Pineal Unlock - A sequenced programme of disengagement from the limited, to initiate engagement with the limitless, created with dream visions of the mechanics of the pineal gland's integration with the physical paradigm, and by coincidence activated through rotation... 180 degrees once, and the 180 degrees once again.

6. When the Pupil is Ready, the Teacher Appears - When we are able to see, that which was hidden in clear view becomes apparent. The revelation of the geometry of understanding, through sight, is illuminated and clear. For, the pupil now recognises the teacher.

7. Nano-Vortex Acceleration Technology - An unlimited potential gained through the initiation of quantum activations of intentional focus. Think and it becomes - we are the architects of our own experience - and those who seek pure energy sources need look no further than within their own imaginations, to be shared with open heart and free souls.

8. Each Atom, A Star! - Within the body (your body, and my body) are countless atoms, and each of these is a reflection and symbiotic engagement with each star in the heavens, and thus, within, is the universe, with myriad connectivities and empowering harmonic relationships. Combined and united in recognition of the star sources within.

9. Infinite Energy Source, 'tis Love! - And what, may I ask, is the force which is this empowering energy? Surely it is love, for love is that which creates and combines, that inspires and unifies, for no soul will ever not know love, the Universal Source.

10. Expounding Beauty (of the Eye of the Beholder) - For within your eye resides infinite potential to recognise beauty, and in the ability to be the creator of beauty. Yes - for your eyes can see beauty wherever they choose, and designate beauty as a healing potential upon ever the most disengaging and damaged effects. By looking, and projecting beauty, the healer empowers the rising birth of continuous beauty.

11. Manifestation, Affirmational Breathwork - To create, to manifest, align your intention with your breath, and it works... For day by day my intention increases, and my potential to initiate positive change increases, and this drawing represents the culmination of the destination of the classical Platonic Schools, and thus we, now, can move further than any of the limiting past.

12. Allowing 24 Sighs of Relief - Take the time for 24 breaths, each a release of tension and anxiety, perfect relief for the burden we sometimes carry, 24 sighs of relief, so simple, so profound, so.... do it!

13. Rise to the Occasion and Expand - Following the exhalation is the inhalation, that which sustains and regenerates, creating the fullness of experience required of each evolving soul. Creating a visual connection between the breath and the pineal gland, a coded activation of the primary series.

14. Spatial Awareness - The mirror of the matrix of this paradigm, as we see ourselves in the mirror of the third dimension, creating through imagination, and projecting outwards into the space we inhabit. A part of the world we co-create, in equality, and in union.

15. Flower of Nine - Called the 'Enneagram' a geometric representation of the flowering of potentials, a union of the blossoming relationships of the awakening collective consciousness. For the seed, once planted, nourished and watered will grow in the sunshine of love.

16. Inner Relationships - In their complexity sometimes seemingly overwhelming, but if examined closely our inner relationship with both self and others can reveal a subtle simplicity that implies even the most difficult of circumstances can be healed, quickly and easily.

17. This is the 4th Dimension, a Tesseract - To witness and experience the invisible, sometimes a simple illusory expression that renders the invisible, visible is a simple medicine. Time and space are mere taught paradigms that inhibit and limit, and thus can be released and disempowered.

18. Transition Molecule - Ancient plant medicines and healing herbs can unock the path to transition, as can the miracle of modern alchemical transformative medicines. To work with sacraments the access to heavenly potentials are initiated.

19. Duoprismatic Threshold - For now, the past no longer exists, except as the future of that past, and from the present moment the threshold of inhibition of the rules of the past are now released, and we are now free from their grasp.

20. Silence - For in the cacophony exists the stillpoint - an eternal stillness. It is important that we know this, and become familiar with the spaces between, the silence between sounds, for there glimpses of eternity call each soul, and beckon us towards the golden light of Enlightenment.

21. Rana, Spring Familiar - A personal and idiosyncratic observation, where I witnessed a frog (Genus: Rana), dwelling in a fresh spring source, and the ripples that flowed, and continue to flow, both in and around Rana, will carry the three aspects of my water work... 1. Love 2. Wisdom 3. Compassion

22. The Suspended Moment of Realisation - That is it! Yes! The eternal moment of suspended reality that can be extended into forever through familiarity, a process that awaits all seekers of light and truth. Find the peace that dwells within, and then remain in light...

23. A Dream Within a Dream - For all that is, and all that will ever be is but a dream within a dream, and those gifted with the awakening spirit arise from the slumber of ignorance... Once tasted, never forgotten, and thus remains alive, in eternal truths.

24. The Dance of Constant Motion - A line chosen from the 'Song of the Spring Queen' by Je Tsongkhapa, one that implies the continuance of union, amid the blessings of the 5 Buddha Families. The dance of constant motion is the realisation of the 2 Truths, embodied in spirited essence.

25. Carnival of Seven - The cycles of time, so embodied within our lives, and described and known as the 7 days. But whence this information arose? And should this serve us no longer, allow the reductionist limitation to dissolve, and then choose your own cycles... You are a time keeper.

26. A Balanced Leap of Imagination - And now it is time - the opportunity exists to seize this moment, from the platform created throughout this journey of no rules, with everything possible.

Personal Mandalas

There is no concept, idea, expression or wish that cannot be represented by a healing mandala. This collection of 'Personal Mandalas' have been individually drawn for specific clients, purposes and modalities.

I can create a magical mandala for a specific astrological event, to serve your clients, to empower your work, or as an amplifier of love, wisdom and compassion.

Some of these are mandalas I have used for my own purposes, as I often celebrate special days by creating a mandala that serves as an amplifier of natural and organic energies, just as a magnifying glass on a sunny day will focus the Sun's energy.

Imaginary Medicines

The imagination knows no limits. With imagination we can traverse space and time, visit distant realms, create mythical and magical places where the impossible becomes possible - an imaginary place where miracles can happen. Just imagine such a place...

Many great visionaries of the the past created imaginary and impossible machines, though time revealed that the impossible could be rendered... I speak specifically of Leonardo Da Vinci here, a man who drew designs for helicopter, parachute, tanks and more.

What he drew, around 500 years ago, could not be built with the technology available, but the power of his imagination created an attractor by which technology evolved to to meet his criteria. The unfortunate aspect of this work was that each of these have been used in the service of destruction, and of war.

This got me wondering if it might be possible to create designs for imaginary medicines that might not currently be realisable, but within the exponential surge of technological development of nano-technologies, and the growing tendency towards the marriage of magic and science, such an obstacle can be dissolved.

One drawing in particular represents this alchemy, and I shall endeavour to explain, here...

The above drawing is specifically an imaginary medicine created as an anti-viral. A virus dwells within a geometric fortress which protects it from the approaches of traditional medicine, and this geometric protective form is called an 'icosahedron', one of the 5 Platonic Solids.

My intention here was to explore the geometry and create a map, whereby this could be used as a visualisation tool, a means to enter the very centre of an illness with the imagination and fearlessness, and reverse the polarity of the density of the virus - using the power of the mind to transform darkness into light.

Perhaps this is best initiated in tandem with an integral approach of hypnosis or shamanic journeywork, for courage is needed to enter the very heart of the dark storm...

I am exploring two methods in this series - one that the power of one's own imagination might serve as a healing modality, and another that anticipates the melding of both science and art.

The imagination has no limits... ever... .

Honouring the Moment - Journey to Winter Solstice 2012

Its the Final Countdown.

What if the world does come to an end on the 21st December 2012? Sure, it is easy from this side of time that it didn't, but I'm going to make a confession here, and tell you that the world did come to an end on that day for me, and I welcomed it.

I've taken the both Summer and Winter Solstice days as the most powerful times for magic, Summer for celebration, dance and play, Winter for deep contemplation and initiation.

I had once a dream, a vision, of how at the very precise moment of the winter solstice a shift in rotational direction occurred, at the very centre of the Earth's core, like the final winding in of a great spring mechanism, which was then released - and the the sinking energy was transformed into a rising energy - at that precise moment.

The end of the old, and the start of the new. And for me, the journey to Winter Solstice is the most important preparation of the year, and I don't really have to blather on about the hype of this one...

Needless to say, I took this very seriously. Deadly seriously.

In my perhaps distorted saturation of the apocalyptic scenario I prepared for the worst, literally the end of the world, and in some sense I consciously chose to get onboard this runaway train as I wished to focus my mind to an attractor, a destination point.

My thought process went like this.

I imagined I had been told I had one year to live, a death sentence perhaps. And thus the entirety of the following year would be a preparation with my encounter with the Lord of Death. I'd best get my house in relative order, make appropriate preparations, clear my closet, and all the other ordinary processes...

But, as a visionary artist, with some understanding of the law of karma, I'd also take upon a path of purification, and create a visual diary of my process, which might in some way survive me as a record, and hey, who knows, if my magic was pure enough it might just tip the scales and save the world. Yup, deranged a bit perhaps, but ain't it sometimes the crazy visionaries that see truths that others miss.

If the world was soon to end, I saw this as an amazing opportunity, to clear my thoughts, focus my intention, and if it didn't, well... all the better.

1. New Moon Eclipse - I chose to start this series of drawings during the New Moon Eclipse of November 2012, the cosmological pointer that indicated the final fuse being lit. The blue touch paper...

2. To Leave the 3D Hologram - I had seen so many references to the ideas of a holographic universe, and also the limitations of a mind that only conceives in 3 dimensions, and I wished to share my expression in a manner that might be easily understood. For the power of the imagination can be stimulated, triggered and released, sometimes by a single word, and sometimes by a single image.

3. Yang Yin Union - An eternal symbol, representing the union that dwells within the heart of duality. Where light meets dark, death meets life, and feminine meets masculine. I wished to add colour and sparkle to the eternal symbol, my wish to take the seriousness away from it's general interpretation... as, it is not a 2 dimensional drawing, it is a 3 dimensional representation.

4. I Honour Your Path - For each of us, spiritual souls, there is a path to which we are particularly attracted. It might be the path of your upbringing, or perhaps one chosen for personal reasons. I could argue and debate that my path is the purest, most perfected and also aligned with perfect truth, and so could you. But... should the world end, my dream is of no dispute amongst spiritual souls, and of an acceptance of the variance of paths, and the union that conjoins at the heart of each. My thought is to focus on what unites us, not upon what divides us.

5. Healed Swastikas - I forced myself to watch a documentary about the Nazi pogrom, and was fascinated by the power of a symbol that had been utilised and distorted in such a manner. As I draw I often consider symbology and the meanings therein, and so I have familiarity with their manner of engagement. I wished to dive into the early history of the swastika, and re-unite both clockwise and anti-clockwise representations, in effect turning history back in upon itself, and release the energetic hijacking that was effected in the 1930's.

6. Starlight Life Breath - I saw and heard much discussion of ascension, light bodies and star beings, much of which was far from my own understanding. So, in an attempt to understand these concepts, which appeared so very important and relevant to many others I absorbed into this potentiality, creating an imaginal attractor, should this indeed be an outcome of the 2012 meme.

7. The Bliss of Tantra - Such a misunderstood word. Not bliss... Tantra. The explanation that works for me is that Tanta is the 'Quick Path to Enlightenment', the union of bliss and emptiness, realised within the root mind, residing in the heart chakra. I've represented this here, in my idiosyncratic and diagrammatic manner, this union, as the blue of Buddha Heruka and the red of Buddha Vajrayogini, the male and female Principle Deities of Highest Yoga Tantra.

8. Merkaba Majic - Bam! - A gentle play upon the meme of the merkaba being the very vehicle of ascension, and my interpretational representation, including the seed syllable of Budda Vajrayogini - Bam - with the six pointed star of her Phenomena Source, essentially the same form as the merkaba. One might 'ascend' to the Pure Lands through such Tantric methods.

9. Monergy, the New Current, See! - So much strife and angst relates to money. I dream of an ethereal manner of exchange, maybe a system of imaginary money whereby acts of creative imagination become the tokens of validation of what is called commerce. And sure, where there's a will, theres a way.

10. Orgasmic Time Portal - I was at a 'time travel' themed party whilst I drew this. The night was long and beautiful, a blissful journey, and I pondered the imagined limitations of time, and how the true unadulterated bliss, of forever being within the dance of constant motion might just be available, conjoined to my very next breath, and all I had to do was breathe and intend.

11. Through the Event Horizon, an Attractor - To reach through time, to create an attractor that exists in the mind of a Tantrika, mere imagination perhaps, but a surefire and valid approach to the Path. A Wish-Path.

12. Parting the Veil of Stars - I dreamed of seeing beyond the stars, those stars we see as the dome of heaven, to enter the realms of limitless paradise. For within my imagation such perfection is attainable, and any pure dream can manifest, and should this dream be empowered to be fulfilled, so shall it be.

13. Twinkling Alignment, Lunar Eclipse November 2012 - The second eclipse of the month. I drew the outline for this, and aligned my drawing, lighting and equipment whilst the eclipse occurred, and captured an image of the Earth, held in perfect balance between the Sun and the Moon.

14. The Atlas Sweet Spot - During a powerful ceremony I caught a vision of the tradition of how Atlas is depicted with Planet Earth upon his shoulders, and this was followed, by pure coincidence (synchronicity), by a friend telling me about trouble she had with her back, and in particular her atlas bone. The atlas bone is the pivot between head and body, and at that very point exists the potential of finding the sweet spot.

15. Phoenix Fire, Dharma Rising - My local community of friends, artists, creatives and healers, built upon a local phoenix site was under threat, and I wished to raise the Pure Light of Wisdom from slumber. We celebrated, drummed, danced and sung songs to the heavens, and gained assistance...

16. Bliss Egg Incubating - I sensed the potentials ripening as the day the world was to end drew closer, the end, and the beginning. When I had finished the drawing, I turned it around, and noticed that it had the effect of opening my pineal gland, activating my inner vision. An unexpected magical effect.

17. Exhaling Ego - I really felt that if I was to be part of the apocalypse, the last thing I'd want holding me down, or tying me back would be my ego. That aspect of my being that I might call self-cherishing. So, with each breath, I'd like to lose another layer, and thus subtly and gently over time I would dissipate my ego. A tip of the hat to the saying 'it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven'.

18. Heart Chakra Blessings - I have seen so many representations of the chakra system, and most have provided too much information in terms of the symbology and obscure references, and here I wanted to express the simple feeling of opening my own heart chakra... Boom!

19. Fruit of Wisdom - The circle of time was gathering ever inwards, and I wished to hot-house those postive seeds I had been sowing, to beckon the heavenly bodies to assist in the ripening of all karma, both good and bad, to try and speed up my own process and experience, in the very short time remaining. And most of all, those seeds of wisdom. Those seeds of knowing.

20. A Joyful Wheel - My expression of the Wheel of Dharma. A way of being, a guiding map of principles, land-marking an attractor towards love, wisdom and compassion. A means of navigating through the potential of universal destruction. Time was getting shorter, and what baggage, if any, might I take along with me? I wanted nothing to hold me back, no limitation, and nothing left unfinished.

21. Confluence - There was no way I could put the brakes on. The future was turning it's face towards me, though I could not see if it was smiling... The spirals of motion had long been activated, and so very shortly the very moment would be arriving. Any number of theories, denials, hoaxes, scares and rubbish were floating around within the great washing machine, some crashing into my life, whilst others I could laugh off, but I had made my choice - to take this as an opportunity, and thus I could expect some challenges. What if the world was to end? It was only a few days away now...

22. Golden Silence - I sensed a pause. An overall harmonic resonance that was pure, clear and silent. An extended experience of deep peace and contentment, and I felt that I should capture this, in the manner of the Vitruvian Man, though using a subtle manifestation of the tonal colour and beauty that resides within. The music of the inner spheres.

23. 299,792,458 + 1 Homages to Prajnaparamita (a puzzle for the imagination) - I had encountered an interesting fact concerning the Great Pyramids and the speed of light. The relationship between the circle that fits inside the base of the pyramid, and the circle that fits around the base of the pyramid equates precisely to the speed of light, as measured in metres per second. Now, that is some cosmic coincidence, eh? With the mystery of the pyramids was perhaps a clue as to the meaning of life on earth, perhaps revealed by this illuminating fact, and if so, how might I access that potential of power? I chose to represent and access by means of illustration, and then step over the threshold - travel faster than the speed of light, simply by adding 1. And thus engage with Prajnaparamita...

24. 12.12.12 OM OM OM (Vajrayogini 37) - It was a day of great potential. A great day of numerical convergence - 12.12.2012. And at 12 minutes past 12, on that beautiful day, we entered our sacred space, made offerings and prayers, to harmonise with the calendars, both old and new, and sow seeds of potential in the great alchemical paraverse within the dreams of the wishful. To watch the flows of waters, in their subtle and gentle power, enacting the universal principles before our very eyes. In the evening I was at a party, and sat and drew this picture, whilst paying homage to Vajrayogini, and her Three OM mantra. I could not do this without assistance...

25. Middle East Peace Plan, The 7 Sisters at Play - In this closing climactic moment, in the mind of the alchemist remained an unsolved riddle, a conundrum, concerning a small piece of land in Jerusalem. This seemed to be a pivotal cause of disharmony and aggression throughout the history of the past two millenia. What was there that so many had died? Maybe deep within lay a precious seed, a power that held the minds of men to jealously guard and protect, and to kill... I live near to the chalk cliffs of Sussex, called the Seven Sisters, and during the gathering momentum of the 21.12.12 I had heard many rumours and theories concerning the Pleiades constellation, the Seven Sisters of the night sky. I wonder if I might create a subtle connection between these girls of heaven and earth, and request a deep and profound healing potential. Crazy? Sure... Worth a try? Sure...

26. Solstice Dawn, Golden Age of Dharma (Wheel of Sharp Weapons Sutra - Dharmarakshita) - After the great long count, the cycle was completed, and the day of prophecy has arrived. I'm gonna tell you here that I completed this drawing the night before 21.12.12, in case the world ended, as - I wished to complete my journal. And hey, it may have just been a total illusion, a karmic set up, for just me only, the day that I was to die... And thus, every part of my preparation had value to me, and in the great cycles of life and being some good might arise from this journal - at the very least, a fine rehearsal...

That day, a part of me died, and a part of me was reborn, and then I started the next part of my journey journal.

Seeds of a Fearless Future

It was dawn. The quiet man in black lit his slim black cheroot, the light flickering onto his face, shadowed under the brim of his hat.

I was walking from the woods, to collect my book of poetry to share around the embers of the night's fire, and for the first time we made eye contact, a cautious glance - I was intruiged. I could see this was no ordinary man, I sensed an unusual timelessness, young eyes in an old face, weathered and travelled, mapped with experience.

I sat alongside him, and exchanged greetings. We talked a minute or two, and then exchanged poems - a lyrical interface that connected our expressions, our dreams and our intentions. He introduced himself as Caras.

He then produced an essay, a thesis - 'Future Proofing'. A plan whereby the future of the Mankind's relationship with Gaia might be extended through the potential attractors of eco/economic/social disaster, a map by which the Elders could navigate by applying both scientific and spiritual methodologies... A manuscript for human survival.

OK - this was a full on conversation. Scattered with allusions into the mystery, though offering stepping stones of potential. My mind was overwhelmed by the volume and weight of information and data, the interweaving of oblique mathematics, biological processes, radical sociological and political structures, with a layer of dry humour, and sprinkled with metaphysics and spirituality.

I had met Caras. A 94 year old Elder Shaman, with the depth of an ocean, and the eyes of an 18 year old, a conundrum.

We exchanged business cards, and parted.

The transmission settled into my mind over the next few days, as my own understanding integrated the structures and concepts, and I chose to add my own dash of colour to the shamanic cocktail by creating a series of drawings 'The Seeds of a Fearless Future'. A representation of my visualisation of realising my own dream - A world where fear had ceased to exist.

I've always been fond of the analogy of living my life as a gardener. One who sows seeds. Seeds that are planted with each action of body, speech and mind. Thus there is never a time when positive potentials cannot be planted.

Now, for those of you who have known me over the years - well, sometimes I get it wrong, as you know, but I'm still on my path of learning, and to stand corrected.

I undertook to create a series of drawings which represented a pathway by which the entirety of universal consciousness might be attracted, through my imaginal doodlings into this beautiful potential of a future without fear.

'You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one'.

1. Your Comfort Zone - Where the Majic Happens! I started with a meme I had noticed, a simple diagram of a small enclosed circle 'your comfort zone', surrounded by open space 'where the magic happens'. You may have seen it circulating amongst the facebook memes spread amongst the wishful thinkers of the world. I understood that the potential to create the impossible depended upon an opening of my heart and mind beyond my restrictive thought patterns, in order to embrace the unimaginable.

2. Transition Commencement. The integration of two statements that had always moved me - The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step... and, the difference between 0 and 1 is greater than the difference between 1 and 1000. Implying that to move into the future one simple process is all that is required, a single decision.

3. Breathing Life. Unifying the breath with intention, breathing life into the process. Conjoining mindfulness with intention, a simple practice of general awareness, that activates oxygenation, the basis of the living process.

4. Entrance. A playful nod to the magic of words, both in terms of entering the next stage of activation, and the weaving of the spell of words of entrancement.

5. Inner Signpost. Those guiding principles of love, wisdom and compassion that direct the trajectory of life's flow, the basis of good karma that reside within the mind's of all living beings. A simple maxim by which old negative habits might be dissolved.

6. Pathway. One might wish to climb a mountain, quickly and directly, but the path leading to the summit may well be one that depends upon taking a slow gradual ascent, a spiralling pathway, drawing ever closer to the destination with every circuit.

7. Love Ripples - Soul Mirror. To look deep inside oneself, and both recognise and realise that the divine medicine of love forms waves in the ocean of time, to heal the soul and transform the world.

8. Pom Pom Pulse. Simply the beauty of engagement with the playful living pulse of life. The heartbeat, the drum, that carries the energy of pure intention in a joyous manner... This always make me smile.

9. Event. A reminder of the birth of an idea. The understanding that the seed is to be planted, and preparation of the soil might be required. For the best results, use the best preparatory practices. The removal of stones and debris, and consideration of the weather and seasons. Simple gardening practices really.

10. Dancing Circles. Realising the interplay of both the visible and the invisible. The vortices of air, light and water, who dance forever in constant motion, mirrored in the stars and heavens, the connectivity of all.

11. Temple Seed Moment. The very time that the seed is planted. Perhaps a simple ethereal imaginative seed, one which appears not to exist outside the mind of the dreamer. There is a time when one's preparation is complete, and now the potential can play with the vast hidden and mysterious forces of life. The time that the architect sees the first cut of soil to create the foundation of the building.

12. Catch a Falling Star. Oh, for the assistance of heaven! The vast eternity of infinity. How might you help with this dream of a fearless future? I shall wish upon a star.

13. To Ripen - Contemplate and Meditate. Just as a seed needs sunlight and moisture to grow, so too this dream, this wish, needs gentle stimulation to grow. Sometimes the soft dappled light of contemplation is just ideal, and at other time the full power of the direct sunshine of meditation will encourage rapid growth.

14. Palm Pilot. The navigator holds the keys to perfect peace upon the palm, for all can be known in the simple sight of truth, as William Blake told - 'To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour'.

15. Looking Skyward. As I looked up into the vastness of space I gained orientation and acceptance as to my infinite smallness, though as a portal through which the universe might know itself.

16. Earth Flower. As one stands upon the Earth, the flowering of nature realises itself though the mind of the gardener. We are all co-creators of our common futures. The four directions are known as one, being the union of bliss and emptiness.

17. Living Spark. That essence that is life, for which I can offer no true description, other than my wish for all living sparks of life to be free from suffering and to gain union within loving acceptance of one another.

18. Dream Burst Awakening. The moment where we awake from the slumber of ignorance, and realise that the dream of being is both illusory and impermanent and we gain the realisation of permanent freedom from suffering.

19. Catch a Moment. It is never too late... As a surfer sits upon the ocean waiting for the perfect wave, knowing that the rise and all of the swelling motion is never ceasing, she is aware that should that wave be missed, patience will reward her. But when the moment is right, when causes and conditions are perfect, it is time to ride.

20. Contact! The time is now, the wave has been caught and the journey accelerates into the quickening potentials of both time and motion. It is time to let go of thoughts and habits that inhibit and confuse, as the destination is calling, beckoning through the future, reaching into the Eternal Now.

21. Entering Safe Space. As we sight the destination the harbour appears, and the travails and challenges of the journey rapidly fade into memory, and... the heart sings with ease and joy. It is both a return and an arrival. This is not the time to fully relax just yet, but the time is soon.

22. Shared Destiny. There is no true separation, as ultimately all is of one taste, the conjoined and intertwined relationships that connect us all. We have a shared destiny, and who amongst us might look back and not extend a hand to a drowning soul, for to lose you would be losing a part of myself.

23. Outside the Box. Again a meme, a catchphrase of our times, but to take the leap of faith one needs to surrender to the options that delimit our thinking - realise that the magic is real, and the imagination holds the keys to freedom.

24. Pow Wow. Acceptance of the views and opinions of others. To listen and share, be witness and to empathise, experience the co-operation of communication, between faiths and beliefs, using wisdom to offer service to the collective, to play a role as both a servant and master of the whole.

25. Protected Circle. As the seed grows and extends, the dream will become reality. As the gardener has tended well, the roots have established and the vigour and energy will continue to manifest and grow. What was a seed is now integrated into the very fabric of existence, fear will decline and the beauty of peace will prevail.

26. Arrival. 'You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one'....

You may wish to traverse this same journey by looking at each drawing, in sequence. You never know, it might trigger an unexpected and positive response. I sure hope so.

Rebirth of the Divine Feminine

"Hiya Daddy, I'm pregnant!" Coral Pearl was to be a mummy....

In the back of my mind I knew this time would come, and had quietly wished for this message one day. Part selfish (to be a grandad), part wonderment (to form part of the human evolutionary process), part envy (the exquisite pleasure of raising small children), part fear (what if it all goes wrong), and part confusion (how can I process the 1000's of thoughts associated with this news).

You see, Coral was this daddy's girl. No question, my little princess. She'd led an interesting life thus far, as she had accompanied me on many of my journeys, from Meditation classes, Ashtanga yoga, Tantric initiations, Manhattan and the path of curry tastings...

Her adventurous spirit had taken her around the world, working and playing, and though her stars were bright and charmed, she had two close encounters with death, hospitalised and very ill, very ill. She had journeyed within the near death experience, the surrender of life, and acceptance of the inevitable.

Through her encounters with both teachers and death, she was, and is, a Yogini.

The usual and expected frisson of ideas and inspirations were shared amongst the family and friends, and plans were slowly gathered as to the journey of the destination point of birth, and thence forward into Motherhood.

I felt a bit redundant, aside from the general good wishes and steady flow of advice, but I wondered what else I might do, not only to celebrate and engage with the process, but how might I offer a deeper potential of magic.

I knew of birth charts - astrological charts which identified the heavenly distribution of stars and energies at the time of birth, but I was not satisfied with just that. I wished to create something special, a connection with the movement of the heavenly bodies, recorded as what I might call a pre-birth chart. A plea to the great external mystery to be kind to this unborn child - a celebration of the final 6 weeks.

Having worked with natural spring waters I recognised the potentials of subtle interactions, through placements and adjustments in the flow, and decided to apply my experience and see if I could perhaps identify aspects of the invisible energies and connect my consciousness and intentions to the greater whole.

I would do this through prayer and intention, and also I would record the tale, as both a personal record of my experience, and as a gift to my as yet unborn grandchild, a collection of drawings she might look at in her later life as a memory of her grandfather... 'Cos, I want to be the best grandfather I might be, one of white beard and feathered hat, one who can tell stories of magic and imagination, wander in the woods and waters, and one who might offer her potentials of the infinite - for her, no ordinary life.

I wished to connect the infinitely large and the infinitely small, with conscious intention, and request safe passage for this new life.

Observation of the motions of the heavenly bodies showed me the interdynamic relationships, the interconnectivities of all things, as though these distant and remote movements might be viewed in isolation, it is easy to see that as one galaxy moved, it effected, over cosmic time, all others in the region, and thus by implication, all others throughout the cosmos... So, I could understand this potential, and... how might this help?

I looked inside myself, and recognised the manner in which the flows, eddies and systems within my body, the microcosm, were in effect a reflection of the macrocosm. As stated - 'as above, so below'.

And recognising these parallels, why might I not engage with the mighty cosmos, directly, through intention? Sure I realise my smallness and my insignificance, but that seemed no reason not to attempt the impossible.

So during the closing stages of Coral's pregnancy I looked deep inside, and looked deep into the heavens, at one time realising the potential of the August Blue Moon to focus with particular alchemical attention... It was fun as well.

As I reached the climax of the series, upon the night of the Autumn Equinox I paused for the night, leaving a half finished drawing in my studio to visit a woodland party, amongst beautiful magical folk... and received a phone call from Coral - she was entering her labour. She laughed and told me to go to the party, and she would be in touch as soon as there was any news.

It was a beautiful long night. I sat around the fire with many of the female elders, who nourished my soul with stories of childbirth - oh, I'll add that the fire was tended by a beautiful soul called Shiva, wearing a topknot - Yes, this was a magical night.

Around dawn I was sat alongside a spring source with two friends, away from the fire, and received the call. Coral had given birth to Ava Pearl. A child blessed with perfect health and form. My daughter was a mother, and I became a grandfather.

My astonishing, beautiful daughter had given birth, without pain relief, and her final birthing process was a two and a half hours. Proud? Sure. My Yogini daughter had chosen the shamanic ways, and traversed the threshold with awareness and control.

Gifted by the universe, a sweat lodge was built, and I entered and remained, as homage to my daughters journey. I died during the process, and was born from the womb of the blessed fire, arising as Mark, grandfather.

I returned home, exhausted and elated, and completed the last drawing of the series. The Divine Feminine was reborn...

Syncromystic Mandalas

Every journey has its first step.

Saturday night, a night in, and Samantha mentions a programme on Red Ice Creations, about the subject of Synchromysticism. What! What? That word sounded like nothing I'd ever heard before, but exactly like every word I knew.

It sounded like a key. It was a key.

The programme fascinated me, and as soon as it was over I searched through facebook to find the speaker, Alan Abbadessa Green. We connected, and I subsequently purchased The Sync Book, and contacted some of the contributing authors. I wanted to know more about this mysterious group - The Syncromystics. Hey, I wanted to be part of this gang, they were a little crazy, a bit wild, somewhat scary, mysteriously enigmatic and even dangerous. Yup, I wanted to play...

I found most of the individual chapters difficult and oblique to the extreme, but one or two I felt a really close connection to, and so I looked a bit deeper into those authors online published works.

I'm gonna hit the pause button here. And then rewind the tape back a month or so... zzzzzip. Gotcha.

I'm surfing the net, and an image appears on my screen, and I screech to a halt. I see an image of Budda, sat amongst a representation of a fractalised universe, a complete representation which unified the entheogenic with Dharma, an astonishing image by Justin Gray Morgan. I have seen many attempts at such stylised artwork, but never one with such a profound resonance. My breath was taken away. Nice work dude, whoever you are... Nice work.

I'm gonna hit the pause button again here, and then fast forward to where I was.... zzzzzip. Gotcha.

Q. How is it possible? How could it be that the author of my favourite chapter is also the artist who created that same picture.

A. Syncronicity

Time to get involved Mark, the time is now, the window is open - jump.

I dive into the world of Syncromysticism. A strange, anarchic, occult and peculiar world, a landscape of mystery and potential, dark insanity and perfect logic, an intersection of time and space, unreferenced in the context of an ordinary life and mind, a road less travelled.

A multiverse that challeged my understanding and orientation, an interlooping labyrinth without signposts or maps. I hoped that the trail I left behind me would remain as I ventured ever inwards, and that no monster would gobble me up as looked behind myself. It is a strange world. A hall of distorted mirrors where every exchange might, just might, be the trigger snap of.... losing the plot.

A semi-skimmed spritzer of paranioa, conspiracy and media play, enough to dry my mouth and curdle my stomach. But once tasted, absolutely intruiging and beguiling - like one of those 'acquired taste' things that you want to spit out, but continue to pursue as others appear to relish it - and by then it has become a habit, almost an addiction.

I looked internally and realised I needed to continue. I had so little conscious engagement with my inner fears, my dark shadow, and it was time to engage with the cocktail of occult archetypes, the sort of thing sung about by Three Dog Night - 'Mama Told me not to Come'.

OK - it was 2012, and the world was due to end, and I was close to slipping over the edge, into that meme stew of cataclysm and apocalypse. Man, I was very close to the edge.

But in amongst this journey I was building some beautiful relationships with my new Sync Family. Intelligent, challenging, stimulating, wild and oftentimes heart opening exchanges, no holds barred, no quarter offered, nor given. It was like a big boys playground, and the odd bully who appeared got short thrift, and that always amused me.

I'd never joined an online forum previously, so this was quite a baptism of fire for me. But hey...

Alan, Justin and I had a couple of Skype conversations, and opened up further connections and discussions, leading to Alan asking if I would like to create 26 mandalas for Sync Book 2. A great challenge for me, and a dynamic project to be involved with, and a lovely opportunity to offer my art to the collective. I said yes, I'd love to.

I immersed myself in the sequence of numbers, from 1 to 26, exploring the geometries of each event projection, realising the nature of each number, eventually resulting in a Moving Mandala Sequence of images.

The beauty of the project gathered momentum as the book neared completion with editors, writers and artists offering their contributions to the cauldron of frothing ideas, weaving a charmed spell of idiosyncratic mystery, archetypal elementals and a dash of confusion. Perfect for the times.

In my dreams I encountered thoughts and images hitherto hidden and obscured, though now these were fully awakened, beckoning and sinister, beautiful and majestic. I was in the dance, at the behest of the whorl of the workings of the dark labyrinth.

I gained insights and understandings that I would never have encountered otherwise, crossed the boundaries of fear and peril, as time accelerated towards the Eschaton, the attractor awaiting the end times. For the drama was real at that time, all possibilities were open, and no-one knew, and on the quiet everyone had their fingers crossed, though behind their backs.

And it was around this time I made a breakthrough, a realisation that the paths of Highest Yoga Tantra could be integrated with Alchemy, and the possibility of creating a Nu Magic, a path for those travellers whose fear needs to be engaged, and that the perilous path was an aspect of the Path to Enlightenment. A full on engagement with one's daemons, those dark vortices some might spend their entire lives avoiding, but... 'know thine enemy' consistently sprang to mind, as ultimately Buddha taught that Enlightenment means 'know thyself'.

So - a Shamanic Path, of introversion and contemplation, a willingness to dance with the shadow, to heal fear with love. And thence, a path of growth. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and the strangely beautiful comraderie of the Sync Family, brothers and sisters.

This part of my journey was complete. I had taken the red pill, and collapsed into the rabbit hole, and mixed my metaphors with aplomb...  And arose to continue, refreshed and invigorated. Once again healed.

The book is published, and available... read it do - The Sync Book 2

Healing Herbs, Flowers and Plants

I had a dream a while ago, and during the dream I was told that every single plant that lived upon the Earth had a specific meaning, and the meaning was to be understood in terms of it's ability to heal - heal other living beings. The other aspect of the dream was that for every illness of the human condition there is a specific medicine, which lived in the form of plant.

In short a natural medicine for every ailment, and for every ailment an appropriate cure.

In the vicinity where we live, you and I, might exist an unrealised cure for the most terrible and destructive conditions of today, the list is long, intimidating and frightening. This we do not know... yet, though our collective understanding appears to be heading towards a remembering of the forgotten lore of the past.

And this journey of remembering has just begun.

As inhabitants of Earth, as guests of Gaia, we have an integrated level of interconnectivity that passes through the bounds of conceptual thought. There is no thing that exists in isolation, as all is connected to all. We are a part of everything, just as everything is part of us.

Sometimes a small amount of poison, perhaps an emetic, is the medicine we need, so a wise and open approach is required to be able to explore the world of herbal medicines. For that which we fear might hold a key to open up a doorway to recovery and growth.

Plant shamanism is growing exponentially around the world at this time, and through the connectivity of the inernet the rapid dissemination of knowledge is occuring. Right now.

No longer are the secret and intuitive cures available to few, as healers throughout freely share their taught whispered lineages, eager to share, and also eager to learn. Collectively we are created a new world herbal.

The New World Herbal... Good, at last, it is about time.

I have practised a personal and idiosyncratic journey with herbs and plants, and as I lack formal training, I would prefer not to offer my services to others, though I am happy to extend my art as a means of creating a sensory integrative adjunct to herbalists, in the form of this collection of drawings. The collection shows a sample of my experiments, and I wish for them to aid the dispensing herbalist by offering a visual recognition of the subtle qualities of plant medicines.

As with much of my work I chose to enter the molecular structure of the medicinal aspect of each plant, and then feel its associated healing resonance or aura, in order for the patient to access releasing codes whereby imagination and visualisation can form an additional aspect to the healing process.

I am going to raise an enquiry of my own at this point... The potential healing qualities of mosses, lichens and ferns. I have a deep instinctive and intuitive sense that many cures are available from these beautiful plants.

Lichens live by eating rocks. Yes, their sustenance arises from the capacity to change rock into living plant form - meaning that they consume minerals - and inherent within this capacity is reflected the possibility that they would be good for, say, kidney stones? Maybe such an assumption is wrong, but I wonder if such thought principles have ever been applied. So often answers lie directly in front of our senses, but we fail to see the message, or even the potentiality of a message. These types of plants have very specific locations where they thrive, and a perspective might be drawn as to how this might mirror their capacity to serve as medicines.

Ferns are the most astonishing manifestations of the living Fibonnaci Sequence... I mean, check this - Fern time lapse. Nice eh? Contained within that dynamic force must reside some astonishing power, or capacity, I can see that it almost shouts with life. I'm getting carried away with over enthusiam, sorry.

I have a feeling that this branch (pun intended) of herb lore might have been forgotten.

Should you wish, there is a beautiful movie, Juliette of the Herbs, which offers insight and understanding into the process of herbal medicines. Just look here - 'Juliette of the Herbs'

Understanding the Mind

Understanding the Mind.

Understanding both your mind and my mind, as there is very little difference. Our minds have the same nature and function, and the same attributes and characteristics. The way mind is defined can be very firmly attributed to the greatest scholar and knower of cognition, Chandrakirti.

Mind is defined as 'Clarity, Cognition and Formless'

Clarity - The Nature of the Mind. In the same manner in which a glass of clear water has no inhibitors to perception, the nature of mind is clear. It has clarity. There are no obstructions to Enlightenment that exist separate from your mind, so to find clarity within your mind is to settle the mind. A glass of natural water will have particulate sediments floating and shifting, and these will somewhat obscure the clarity, but if it is allowed to sit and settle, the sediment will sink, and the water will clear. And in the same way, if the mind is allowed to sit and settle, the busy thoughts that obscure the mind's natural clarity will slow down. This is acheived through the practices of contemplation and meditation.

Cognition - The Function of the Mind. The mind engages with an object of knowing, in both an individual sense (knowing a specific object), and also in a collective sense (knowing the various aspects of a specific object of knowing, in the multiplicity and complexity of their interconnectivity and existence).

Formless - The Condition of the Mind. The mind has no form, and this means it has no shape, no colour, no size and no material aspects. It cannot be weighed, cannot be seen, cannot be measured and cannot be photographed. It has the ability to move instantly, over any distance, and through any object. This can be understood by realising that the mind can travel to the distant galaxies in an instant, and can travel through walls and mountains, and also through time. A simple example might be the process of imagining being in another country. As soon as you think of being on the other side of the world the mind has travelled, instantly, without obstructions of distance, time and physical boundaries.

This science of the mind is called Lorig: And here I have created a visual representation of the nature and function of the mind, based upon the traditional Buddhist approach to cognition, psychology and awareness.

I formally studied this text over a 2 year period as part of my 13 years of teacher training as a Dharma teacher, and during the process I was helped to clearly identify the individual aspects of the mechanism of the mind.

I have taken the categories and definitions exactly as they are written in the Scripture, and have created this series of drawings as Homage to my Teacher.

I can draw an interesting comparison here, between this Buddhist Sutra, and the Bible.

The Bible commences with the phrase 'In the beginning was the word'.

Lorig commences with 4 definitions: 1 - Expressive Sound, 2 - Letter, 3 - Name, 4 - Phrase.

Is there a difference? Well, both you and I could argue the semantic discrepancies, as could any scholar or philosopher, but in reality the two are very close... very close indeed. Expressive Sound & Word can be intertpreted to have the same meaning. And for some reason I like that - an identical starting point, and that has to be good.

So, back to Lorig. The book I studied is a very formal and dense text, full of precise definitions that I have illustrated, but for more explanation I'll refer you to the book itself, and this link will enable you to learn more, if you choose - Lorig: The Nature and Function of the Mind.

Alchemical Transformation

Firstly - know all artists and writers are Alchemists. How? They write or draw with lead pencils, and sell their work for a gold equivalent. Lead into Gold.

This visual alchemical journey is based upon several approaches, combined as a 7 stage process. The Magic number Seven... 7 Days of the Week, 7 Colours of the Rainbow, 7 Major Planets, 7 Chakras...

With each of these drawings I examined and recreated the molecular structure of each element, in order to experience their individual geometric strengths. This is a process whereby I imagine I have shrunk and am able to navigate within the form of each metal, at an atomic level. A kind of 'Honey I've Shrunk the Artist' type journey.

Each drawing enables the viewer to visualise the form of each of the transformative elements, to engage with the potentials and specific attributes of each metal.

Base Chakra, represented by Lead... Inert, heavy, dull, and with qualities of malleability and stability. The associated colour is red, and the planet is Saturn. The low vibration that can make one tense and unrelaxed, and unable to sit comfortably upon the ground, often associated with early childhood issues, related to toilet training, and a fear of relaxing the sphincter. A pulling up and disassociation with connectivity to Mother Earth.

Sacral Chakra, represented by Tin... Clattery, fragile, noisy and with qualities of durability and protection. The associated colour is orange, and the planet is Jupiter. The potential for the physical manifestaton of fear exists here, a somewhat delicate and unsteady aspect, and generally obscurred and ignored, passed off as digestive issues, but the knot in the stomach is an energetic looping blockage, a kind of unwillingness to accept the dynamic of being, so... release.

Navel Chakra, represented by Iron... Stable, strong, fiery and with qualities of steadfastness and power. The associated colour is yellow, and the planet is Mars. The seat of our inner fire, the source of heat within our body. Meditating upon this region can create the tendency to increase our body temperature, and during winter a simple visualisation/meditation can warm the body from within. This fire can be used in conjuction with the Completion Stage practices of Highest Yoga Tantra. This is not the appropriate place to discuss, though I am happy to personally advise should you require detailed information.

Heart Chakra, represented by Copper... Soft, lustrous, gentle and with qualities of beauty and radiance.
The associated colour is green, and the planet is Venus. The heart, and love, that which we feel and know to be true, the glow of beauty, that which radiates within and heals the soul. In the Buddhist tradition this is where the root mind resides, and the place where all the manifestation of thought begins, in essence, where we feel. Once we have loosened the knots at the heart chakra, ultimate release is close.

Throat Chakra, represented by Mercury... Soft, fluid, dynamic and with qualities of grace and communication. The associated colour is blue, and the planet is Mercury. Ah, to be silver tongued! The mercurial magic of speech, its transient power to initiate change within the mind of the listener, whose flow can be a song or poem, a spell or rythmn that beguiles and enchants. The great bards acquiesce to the fluidity of this location, and initiate connectivity with the transience of the spoken word, though fully aware of the potential to alter the consciousness of the listener.

Brow Chakra, represented by Silver... Pure, bright, enduring and with qualities of insight and focus.
The associated colour is indigo, and the planet is Moon. The third eye, the seat of inner sight, a somewhat mysteriously portrayed aspect of the subtle body, but one which we all have consistent access to, though deadened and obscured on the whole through the habits of watching television and low grade mindless engagement. Opening practices create the window, and regular cleaning and maintenance keep the curtains open, and the screen clean.

Crown Chakra, represented by Gold... Perfect, smooth, fascinating and with qualities of universality and magnificence. The associated colour is violet, and the planet is Sun. The thousand petalled lotus that resides upon/within our crown, the top of the head - said to be the connection between the body and the heavens.

So, in order to take the alchemical journey, I explored my inner, subtle body, the nadis and their intersections, to familiarise myself with both the individual processes and the overall network as an initiatory visioning, and then in accordance with the instructions of Tibetan Buddhism I try to maintain focus upon the heart chakra, the seat of the root mind.

Metaphysics of Water

Water = Life. Life = Time. Water as analogy for life, observing its manner of flow, and the means of manifestation in its various guises.

I encountered a diagram illustrating aspects of metaphysics, presenting 12 opportunites for analysis, and suggesting interconnectivities - relationships. I was intruiged by this simple structure and decided to enter the individual aspects, to feel the meaning of each title, and to relate this to the magical elixir of water.

Water, to me, represents the very nature of life. A widely overlooked and ignored element, disregarded and mal-treated, used largely as a receptacle of various abuses.

Water, when closely observed resembles a living entity, one single being that is the life blood of the planet, and our own bodies. The way in which water connects in infinite tributaries, resides deeply hidden within the Earth's dark cavities, and twinkles and shines upon greeting sunlight, reminds me of our own capillary system, the hidden network carrying life giving properties within our very own eco-systems.

Poison my blood, and I will die. Poison the waters, and....

Who cares for the water? Who loves the water? I shall try, and I am prepared to learn from water, listen to water, slowly become acquainted with water. I shall be a friend of water, prepared to offer my service, in joyful engagement. I shall love water.

If I am to look after my body (if I care to), I have to learn it's functions and nature of process, and during the course of my life I have educated myself, been taught and informed about both the physical and metaphysical aspects - my body and my mind. One seen, and one invisible, but both interdependant - an observation of many great thinkers. And, to care for water, I too have to learn about both the visible/manifest aspects, and the invisible/hidden aspects.

And if you read this, perhaps consider your own 12 metaphysical aspects, and the manner in which you too are related to water. And related to me, and me to you, ad finitum...

The Field of Water - Maybe I might call this the Aura. The soft energetic flux that indicates the overall state of health, strength and vitality. The invisible manifestation of well-being. Invisible, but oh so plain to see. Water, when healthy, will sing and dance, as it engages with sunlight in movement.

The State of Water - Water is known to have three states... solid, liquid and gaseous. The only material that can exist in the 3 states within such a narrow temperature gradient. It is possible to see all 3 in one place, for example an Icelandic geyser. The density and fluidity so transient and changeable, at the whim of the weather at all times. Sound familiar?

The Coherence of Water - That which binds the individual into the total, the magnificence of totality and interconnection. For water is one single being, akin to a silver scaled dragon whilst it glints and shines in remote mountain passes, sits silently in a dirty street puddle, though over time all water recombines again, and again, and again. Water has a coherence, an absolute sense of collective consciousness, that can await the processes of nature to recombine once again. It is eternally patient.... I love water.

The Force of Water - Soft, fluid and gentle. The least aggressive element perhaps, but you know this though - given enough time water will cut through stone and metals. One drop at a time. One following another, and another... The force of water, appearing so malleable and obeying, actually holds the capacity to cut a continent in half. So easy, all it takes is time. And here the analogy for one's own force might be raised. Wanna contemplate?

The Static of Water - In stillness is peace. In peace is happiness. To hold still, just for a moment, offers the grace of the source, a snapshot of eternity, and offering to be extended in the peace of a still moment. Though the flow never ceases, the mind can slow down, divert to a soft inner pool of peace, and dwell, reside in stillness. Activity is all around, but at the very centre of the vortex is the stillpoint, the non-moving. Water knows this as she lives.

The Dynamic of Water - The cascade, the tumult, the vivacious magnificence of joyous dynamicism. The hypnotic patterning that carries both individual bubbles and sprays that capture light and give us rainbows over waterfalls, but also never far from the flowing entity, soon to embrace once again with the flow of union. The living spirit that endeavours for individualism, but rejoices in its true part of the whole, a perpetual continuance.

The Matter of Water - So simple. Hydrogen and Oxygen, the elements that combine in perfect symetry to form anew. The alchemical process, the heart of the matter. So how do two seemingly opposing things recombine and create anew? Well, I'll ask my mum and dad, perhaps it is not that far removed from our own journey into life, for we are matter too, and... we matter. And... water matters.

The Time of Water - Ah, the great mystery, and perhaps the greatest illusion. Time, the torch carrier of futures, and burden of pasts. And though all 3 exist - past, present and future, the way in which they can be understood might be shared by the observation of water. Water has memory, the scars or blessings that are transmitted through time, to me and you, and from this present moment, we too initiate scars or blessings upon the waters of time. One never treads in the same river twice, and each footfall carries potentials, seeding opportunities perhaps, to spread Love, Wisdom and Compassion.

The Energy of Water - From whence does this arise? What is the source of movement? As one observes a whirlpool it appears that a combination of gravity and layered densities are the components at play. And I guess at a subtle level the deep interplay of the very wave-particles of all that exists in this universe. The manifest processes of energy, are effected deeply and profoundly by the energy of the consciousness of the observer - a simultaneous act of co-creation, alive and visible to those who trail their hands in living streams, and breathe love into holy wells. Water acts, and water reacts.

The Process of Water - Ever changing, perhaps the mainfest epitome of impermanence. The process of ever-change, that echoes every process that is, all that sings the tune that leads us to the Dance of Constant Motion. Single still, connected living, ramifications that pass all potentials in the multitude of change, the process. The Process. And of this, we, a part of the dance, the whirling patterns that draw the circles and spirals of life. For water is life.

The Event of Water - For at the event, we are the event. As we enter the big top, sat around the arena of the circus, we are one with the event, playing our part, our role in the entire process, never separate. As water carriers, with our bodies comprised mainly of water, we are never separate from the event, the event called 'The Eternal Now'. And a friend once suggested the possibility that our very reason for living is our potential to transport water, across arid desert lands, and into the realms of the heavens as space explorers. We are the event, upon the threshold of the event horizon...

The Space of Water - Between the matter resides the space. That which permits movement, the open possibility of change, a gate ajar... A pause perhaps? An opportunity? Definitely. For within the space exists the seeding of potential, a chance to be taken, a future available. A seed of intention, to be lovingly shared with the water, as a sacred gift that will be carried througout eternity, from me to thee, and thee to me.

Mmmmm, enjoy your glass of water.

Reiki, Sacred Geometry and the Tree of Life

Three modalities combined - Sacred Geometry, Reiki and the Tree of Life. A friend, a Nomadic Priestess of Dance asked if I might create a unified approach to these, for her to use in her own healing work. 

I knew a little about Reiki, and of the Tree of Life, as I had not studied either in great depth, but my intuition inclined to show me that an integrated system could be created, and I had been initiated as a Reiki Master, by a girlfriend, so why not eh? I figured that as I explored the components through illustration, ideas and answers would arrive.

As with so many esoteric and mystery schools, when I started to look carefully at the systems, I found contradictions according to different authorites, and quickly realised the texts were all interpretive, and therefore none were definitive, so I felt confident in deconstructing and combining the 2 modalities using Organic Sacred Geometry.

I had the distinct feeling that though Reiki had a non-gender specific intention integrated from its inception, Kabbalah (Tree of Life) was predicated upon a long masculine tradition, and thus was due a new interpretation in line with the New Aeon of the post 2012 evolutionary phase.

I'd best lay some cards on the table here. I have great respect for the great writers, philosophers, mathematicans and healers, but, and this is quite a big BUT... they were of their time. Not of this time.

As what appears as evolution manifests to our minds the past as we understand it, supports the structures of belief and understanding that were highly appropriate at the time of authorship, but is somewhat like trying to steer a Victorian steam engine along the modern railway tracks. It will function, but will cause a backlog of delay and possibly break down, becomming more of a problem than a solution.

So, with respect and deference, I undertake this prospect of analysis.

Overview - The structure and patterning, shapebuilding construction and identification, of the interlinking connectivities, that comprise the Tree of Life. I have seen many interpretations with different symbols and Hebrew letters to create a dynamic overlay, all predicated upon sigils (symbols) created in the past. I chose to commence with an identification of the function of each nodal correspondance, and from this verbal tradition and understanding create a new sigil (symbol), for each vector crossing. New symbols for a New Aeon...

Beauty - That which pleases the senses. Defined only by the experiencer, a subjective reaction to engagement with the 5 sense awarenesses, and in accordance with the mental awareness. Beauty has a power to move the experiencer to greater engagement, and even pursuit. A vibrant pleasure.

Compassion - A mind that wishes for others to be free from suffering, is a compassionate mind. And, a mind that wishes for all beings to be free from suffering is described as Great Compassion. Compassion is said to be one the wings of the angels who lead others to the Bliss of Enlightenment.

Crown - The access to the great above, the way of connectivity to the Heavens. Etheric filaments whose indeterminate and invisble stands seek to open the gateway offered by seers and sages of all times, and possibly with connection to the hidden pineal gland, the unwinder of life/death.

Foundation - A basis upon which one might build. The support from which one might extend and grow, the planning of which determines the structure that can be built and maintained above, though also considerate of that which lies below. It's best not to build upon shaky ground...

Glory - Magnificence and Radiance, 2 aspects that begin to capture the essence of Glory. A spirit that loved to be uttered, and a word that implies Majesty and fulfilled potential, and to be held in high esteem.

Kingdom - A gimpse of the destination, that which might serve as attractor. But... based upon the masculine predicate, and outmoded and in need of fresh interpretation. Funny how words can slip straight through our radars without thought. Change it to Queendom? Nah... just create a new visual language that supercedes the 26 letter sigil spell.

Knowledge - The insatiable quest, and to my understanding, holds the potential to be an all-consuming obsession for many who travel the Spiritual Path. Not to be ignored, but to be accepted with pinches of salt, Knowledge holds keys to understanding but these are only stepping stones towards the higher goal, that of Wisdom. Knowledge is left brain dominant.

Strength - The power arising from determination and intention. Strength in itself serves very little purpose other than the potential for durability, but once integrated with a living intention, strength can grow and ultimately serve as a powerful force of change, an aspect of the driving mechanisms.

Understanding - A quirky word that appears to be predicted upon an inferior position, a subservience implied. Hierarchical perhaps, and this ain't no coincidence. I do understand, but to understand I should not under stand, but meet you and greet you, eye to eye, as equal. I recall many stern voices of my youth chastising me with 'Do you Understand?', as I was looked doown upon in my infant size...

Victory - The point at which the struggle ends, the time at which suffering ceases, not only for the individual that is You and I, but for all living beings, all sentient ones, those who dwell in all 3 times, of past, present and future, and who reside in the 10 directions.

Wisdom - A mind that chooses a path. A wisdom path is a path that leads to happiness and inner peace. In the moment by moment experience, there is never a time when the wisdom choice is not an option. One simply has to learn the paths that lead to happiness, and follow them, whilst choosing not to follow the path that leads to suffering.

Just my thoughts, and intended to open up the mysterious, arcane and esoteric for any and all individuals to explore, based upon an intuitive response to the accompanying drawings

Gemstone Healing

Gemstones - from the Ancient Aegyptian Mystics to the Monarchies of the present day, the aristocracy, nobility and wealthy have always revered the power of the gemstone. Not only for its monetary worth, or prestige, but primarily as a means of kinda magnetising power, and in particular the power of wealth.

When I see the Queen of England wearing a crown of diamonds and precious gems, it reminds me of ceremonial magic, or ritual, almost a Lord of the Rings type thang goin' down.

Gemstones are a source of power, and this can be utilised and integrated, in a very similar manner to the use of crystals. Erm... of course Mark, gemstones are a crystallic form. But, rather different as well...

Gemstones are clearer, brighter, and can be geometrically polished by a lapidary, to accentuate their refractive and reflective qualities, explored over millenia by gemstone cutters.

I enjoy the company of gemstones, they bring light and sparkle into my studio, reminding me of the living spirit that resides within all things. All things.

Even the inert, the non sentient, share universal truths, with us, the living, the sentient ones. For all we comprise, in the physical, is that of stars. To quote Carl Sagan.. 'We are all star stuff'. Born of the matter of stars, to return to the matter of the stars. Anyway...

To respect the inanimate, gemstones have shown me a manner in which beauty can be found in stone, and with their capacity to focus light, and intention, they might serve as a lens through which the healer or creative might find some additional help.

I can explain this in direct relationship to my own work.

Art & Science - 2 disciplines, and as I see them, one feminine and one masculine, and in direct correlation to the lobes of the brain, left and right. Independent, but mutually interdependent, neither more important than the other.

And where these meet, it happens. Alchemique Majique! And I cannot imagine an alchemist's playroom without some precious stones, so I created one for myself.

I have collected some precious stones, and have examined their geometry, refraction, reflection and beauty, and come to realise that this is mirrored within my own mind. I'm learning through experience, without the benefit of a teacher or guide so my intuition has been my friend here, as I explored 5 individual gemstones... I might continue this journey at a later time, as I have subsequently collected more individual stones, and continue to enjoy their company.

As a healer of sorts, I've become acquainted with the molecular structures, and the radiant energetic resonance that accompany these silent friends. Though diamonds are perhaps my own least favourite precious stone, my own journey with gemstone healing began with 2 diamonds, and their story is told here...

Diamond Working

Seareching through countless natural diamonds these magical examples found me - as they arise naturally, perfectly formed from the womb of the Earth.

We discover mystical diamonds with beautiful refractive inclusions within their form, and rare reflective qualities in their light, and... healing magic dwells within their soul.

Diamonds for Healing and Magic

A strong diamond will empower the chakras of the wearer.

For centuries, Far Eastern tradition offers the advice that to tonify the heart centre (the heart chakra), gently place the diamond in pure spring water, and leave overnight to imbue the silver light of a Full Moon, and upon dawn, drink the magical elixir in small sips.

Within the most ancient Vedic Traditions, it is taught that the vibrational resonance carried in the micro-molecular structure of pure diamonds have a powerful healing effect upon both crown and heart chakras, and in this way both the brain and heart of the wearer are strenghtened, and as a result memory is improved.

Diamonds are frequently described throughout history as Miracle Stones, and the very day I purchased the first of my collection, the Pandora Diamond, a miracle occured - whilst excavating an ancient spring source I found a long lost sculpture.

Traditionally many other healing qualities and attributes are gicen to diamonds - offering protection from depression and bad dreams, reducing physical tiredness and to invigorate the wearer's metabolic functions. Other traditions describe the capacity of diamonds to reduce fever, clear diseases of the skin, and to fight infection.

At the time of child-birth, it is considered most auspicious and conducive for delivery to wear a ring set with a diamond, and in historic texts green diamonds are described as the symbol of Motherhood, the Eternal Goddess.

Diamond Magical Power.

From the earliest days of history, many traditions and cultures have revered the diamond for its qualities of offering courage, power, invincibility and strength to the wearer - the stone of a winner. Throughout the Lands of Mother Earth all Queens and Kings have sought these mighty treasures for their enhancing qualities of a magical, secret and powerful nature.

The mystery schools and esoteric traditions teach of the power of diamond to help keep the mind focussed and clear, to facilitate a higher level of abstract thinking and to protect against sorcery, by reflecting any negative energies back to the sender. The use of diamonds in magic is highly sophisticated and powerful, though this can be initiated by the wearer, simply by combining a pure intentinal thought with the latent power within the diamond they either wear or carry.

For magical use, the diamond ideally should be worn or carried whilst touching the skin, enhancing and aligning the relationship of pure diamond energy to the wearer's will. And in particular, the ancients offered the advice that the ideal placement should be on the left hand, or around the neckline.

The Element of Rainbow Fire

The diamond has the qualities of both magnificent power and the attainment of miracles. In ancient times, the Greeks named the stone 'Adamas', a hint towards the earliest times of man, and also meaning indestructible and invincible - it is the King of Gems - the strongest gemstone of all.

Diamonds can be found in a multitude of hues and shades, covering the full spectrum in a variety of 296 tones, from red to blue, though usually they are a perfect clarity of pure light. Mant famous diamonds are identified by the acquisition of titles or names, reflecting their individual status and character.

Within the cut and facetted diamond resides the rainbow, the reflected and refractive colours of pure light, and throughout time, great poets and artists have been seduced by their sheer beauty. The Sufi mystic and poet Hafiz, from Ancient Persia, described the magnficence ths - 'the rainbow is confined within it - forever'.

Protective Diamond Amulets & Talisman.

In the tradition of Astrology, both the Sun and Venus are considered to be heavenly bodies with the closest relationship to diamonds, with both life-giving and feminine attributes, and as such is described as a talisman related to divine motherhood.

In their very purity, the aspect of innocence is reflected in their being, and thus has a symbolic relationship to perfection, and further within this essence dwells the enhancement of force, authority and power - the clarity of pure thought and intention - untainted, vibrant and clear. Free from fear, safe in the Eternal Wisdom of Perfection.

The wearer can conjoin with the talismanic qualities of diamond for protection in all manner of circumstances - protection from predators, threat of illness, watery danger, threat of fire, poisonous serpents, sorcery and poisonous substances.

Protection against the 'evil eye' is said to be a further attribute of the magical quality of diamond, and many great rulers have carried diamonds whilst travelling.

Diamond Legend, Folklore and Mythology.

Buddha taught the 'Diamond Sutra' - A teaching delivered to his disciples upon a mountainside in India, where he explained the true nature of reality, as a mens of overcoming suffering. And this Sutra implied that the cessation of suffering, through pure understanding and perfect realisation, would be permanent - resulting in perfect inner peace. And the word diamond (from Adamus), implies the following interpretations - proper, unalterable. unbreakable or tamed.

The ancient alchemists taught the spiritual aspects of diamonds, when conjoined with the transformative aspects of both the inner world and the power to manifest change in the shared reality of this world. In alchemy the diamond is recognies and untilised for its ability to refract light, and thereby sybolising the soul transformation in our realisation of higher goals and attainments. Our journey of light will have clarity and power, vision and awareness. They also shared the wisdom that diamonds might be consumed or even melted if struck by a thunderbolt.

For students and adepts of Kabbalah, their exists a transformative meditation called 'the Diamond Body' wherein the use of the mandala of the Tree of Life, realising its symbology and geometry as a method for personal empowerment and transformation.

Over the Millennia, many traditions and cultures attributed noble and powerful effect that were enhanced in both art and history - the Greeks recognised the beauty of diamonds, holding them to be the 'Tears of the Gods' whilst Roman culture held diamonds to be stars that Eros, the God of Love, placed at the tip of his arrows, whilst captivating the hearts of entwined lovers, and even today in Burma (Myanmar), many of the Buddha Statues and stupas are highlighted with diamonds as decorative and powerful offerings.

The Queen of Africa Diamond.

A pure and unpolished diamond crystal, as created by Mother Earth, with a serene stillness that shows the structures of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The deepest Earth mysteries lie within the pyramids - and only nature knows how this unique formation came to be found within the most precious stones of Earth. For nowhere else will such a diamond be found, a great and profoud mystery, held in light and captured with magic - forever.

Of Aegypt came the greatest Queen
born of the Nile and ever seen
as noble, strong and diamond pure
thence carried to a distant shore

Where eager eyes saw in her soul
her Majesty's eternal role
in showing truth and mystery
as gifted to eternal She.

The formal description illustrates this diamond as a well developed dodecahedral crystal of pale brownish colour, with good surface lustre and transparency, discovered in South Africa. This beautiful specimen weighs 0.43ct and measures 4mm x 3.5mm x 3mm approximately.

The Pandora Diamond.

An exquisite and stunning unpolished natural diamond, whose magical depths ignite the imagination to venture deep with the soul of mystery.

For deep within Pandora's dream
lies mystery of unknown times,
whose journey ever through this world
unfolds as mankind's vision stirs.

In diamond soul, the gift of light
a precious gift of day and night
for lovers we, do share our path
of sun and moon and heaven's glow
In everlasting healing flow.

The formal description illustrates this diamond as nearly colourless and well-formed dodecahedral crystal with good surface lustre and transparency. Many inclusions can be seen beneath the surface of this gem, discovered in South Africa. This amazing specimen weighs 0.64 ct and measures 5mm x 5mm x 3mm approximately.

Exploring Evolution


Evolve, revolve, concentric'lee
in quantum eccentricity
of schedules held in time's advance
the geometric spiral dance
that leads upon the open path
of Karma's stepping stones.

See chasms of the perilous
whose leering sugar coated dreams
hold destinies still unrevealed,
but know that those who drown in fear
they - silent witness to their pain
will probably repeat, again
that which they'd least desire.

The harmony comprising space
the balance of eternal grace
is on the lips that dream to kiss
the chalice of the Sacred Biss
of Nagarjuna's Middle Way
that navigates impermanent illusions
...of a self
that truly does exist.

The Snap! It holds a magic key
that offers each facility
to pause and hold in silent peace
the next step forward to release
the energetic dreams
that dwell atip the teeth of thee,
the Lord of Death...

For when this dreamtime we call life
dissolves into the shattering
of burdens of the grasping self
for then... this body's gone.

But! 'til that moment does arrive
know that the choices we ascribe
to any path of selfishness
will burden us approaching death...

So - Wisdom's choice reveals her face
again, those stepping stones that trace
the dot to dot geometry
that those with open hearts can see
ascending through the chakra's tree
thus amplifying tendencies
including those that do deceive
naive, unwary souls...

Ha! The balance found within extremes
extracted from the common memes
of push and pull, and up and down
where ignorance encounters clown
until the yin/yang symetry
rebirths the cosmic harmony.

The Union of the Clearest Light
transition point of day and night
where black and white are of one taste
and those with courage thus can face
impermanence of all things held to be...

Mark Golding - August 2012

Alchemy of the Soul


 31 mind exercises to increase the capacity for creative awareness 

By Mark Golding


How do you uncover your latent creative potential, and, what is its purpose and power?

Within each of us resides the capacity to become whom we wish to become, and to achieve what we wish to accomplish. Understanding that there is no limit to our imaginations, and by engaging in a process, by following a series of steps, all our aims and goals can be accomplished.

Alchemy of the Soul is a map, a guide, an instruction manual, that enables you to find out exactly where you are now, locate where it is you wish to arrive, and also to create a clear route from now, to your chosen future.

Using the analogy of a map, we do need to establish exactly where we are now, and then gaining our precise bearings from our current location, to be able to know where we are upon our map. Then, by visualising clearly our chosen destination we can then identify both start and finish points. The ideal route might be the quickest or possibly the scenic route, but, as with any journey, events will probably create scenarios of obstacle, difficulty and challenge.

The process of Soul Alchemy facilitates sign-posts or markers along your journey, that will serve to help you maintain your trajectory and direction, transforming the challenges that may arise along the way.

Alchemy of the Soul will empower and engage the powerful forces that reside within your mind, those which will encompass your wishes and desires for success, achievement, happiness, fulfilment, inner peace and healing. And, built into the process are the ‘side effects’ that will simultaneously develop a more considerate, loving, compassionate, patient and understanding you. You will discover that your wishes, dreams and desires will be compatible with those around you, your family, friends, workmates, and those you encounter along your journey.


Within each of us is a lifetime of traumas, both large and small, ranging from childhood disappointments to family bereavements through failed relationships and financial difficulties.

Though our list may be short or long in our individual lives, our own catalogue will be carried, quietly within our minds, in both our conscious or sub-conscious, but will also held within our bodies as tension, blockages or perhaps illness.

As you gain an insight and understanding into the relationship of your mind to your body, as you traverse the path of Soul Alchemy, you will find your body feeling more relaxed and at ease, as the traumas gradually release, and the traits and habits within your mind, such as anxiety, fear, doubt and low self-esteem, will loosen and dissipate. This will occur simultaneously as you engage with your creative potential and power…

The word creative in this context, may include a desire to be an artist, writer or musician, but it truly includes all acts of creation, including creating a better life for yourself and your family, creating a beautiful home and environment to live in, and creating a successful career for yourself.

And, by following this path, an alchemy will occur, and you will find that many of your expressed wishes, and also many of your deeply hidden and unexpressed wishes will begin to manifest, as, you will dislodge habitual and unnoticed responses and traits, thereby releasing hidden and obscured potentials.

You will find yourself with a clear understanding of who you are, accepting of your situation, but also empowered to initiate changes to enable the reaching of your goals.

You will also realise that you like who you are and, who you are to become.

There will be few contradictions remaining within your life, and its path and structure, as your journey will be that of one who has healed, and who has understood and reconciled their life and experiences, and is able to create an energy, a dynamic, a flow, a positive connection, to the future of your choice.

The comfort and ease you will find will free you to express and manifest that which you wish to create.


I have described and illustrated a clear and lucid pathway of life transformation. It is a unique combination of a simultaneous reduction of the negative, and an increase in the positive.

In one month, 31 days, you can realise both your creative and positive potentials… Is it time?

This will be achieved in a magical and profoundly powerful way, by a process of removing conditioned and habitual thought patterns, and replacing them with completely new and energising affirmational thoughts that will create the catalyst for long lasting happiness, inner peace and powerful creativity.

The process of Soul Alchemy will, over 31 days, enable an inner understanding of the mechanisms and reflexes within the mind, and how they have blocked your creative expression and desires, and optimise the re-directed flow of energy towards achieving your aims.

A focussed clarity will be uncovered, revealed beneath the turbulence of everyday thoughts and anxieties.



 From today, I can create my new life.


 The central crosshair acts as a focal point, a target centre from which a clarity and loci can be located, and the circle represents the expansion process.

By drawing the awareness into a singularity, softly and gently within the heart chakra, the mind absorbs and distractions subside.

Using the visualisation as a marksman might use the cross hairs to align with the target, allow the mind to settle upon your central location.

It can help to imagine a gravity-like pull from the centre of the cross that attracts each of the sense awarenesses; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell, inwards.

The visualisation should be around the size of a small coin.

The first step of the creative process permits a gathering of focus and energy, a necessary pre-cursor to the journey ahead.

For without this, the mind will be distracted and the resultant distractions will draw the senses outwards preventing the focus necessary for directed action.

The mind needs to be focussed, aware and alert in order to maintain direction and progressive flow.


Be like a child carefully dropping a stone into a well. Holding it still, above the very centre, knowing and wishing that if you are very careful it will not hit the sides but head straight for the centre of the water, so you can await and anticipate the plop….

Now, to follow the pure trajectory of that stone, within your mind - Close your eyes and release the stone…


Into physicality – Arising from thought – Arising from mind.

Thought, the continual functioning of mind, is an energetic flow from which all reality is created.

This is the totality of process whereby our lives happen, the world we inhabit, living and interacting … Interaction being the key.

Note: I have the complete text for all 31 processes, aligned with this collection of drawings. I'm intending to create an ebook... or a set of cards... one day.

The Glass Bead Game

How might one initiate profound and subtle change upon this World?

First - Set your intention... this is the trajectory upon which your energy will travel.

Secondly - Realise that no taught limitation truly exists.

As a young man my heart and imagination where caught afire by 'Siddhartha' by Herman Hesse. I followed this book by reading 'The Glass Bead Game', a complex story, again by Herman Hesse, wherein a mystical group of elders collectively created the world which they and others inhabited. One might even say they were effectively the Gods.

To enact their intentions they were able to transcend that which is taught is possible, and step through the laws of physics. And I'm a wondering what law means in this case? Seems like a funny coincidence that a legal case has simply appeared... Just kidding.

The Laws of Physics... man, that phrase is a real heavyweight clincher in any argument. Cite them and the opposition has to concede. But, should one be able to transcend these laws, the impossible becomes possible. So, worth a look into, and a journey through... wanna try?

We can play the Glass Bead Game. It takes an understanding of Ultimate Truth to begin to penetrate into the past and future, and also to transcend physical limitations, and in this accord I have illustrated some approaches to deconstructing the rules, rather than being imprisoned by the rules. For.. to be able to escape from a prison, one has to understand the nature of it's method of confinement. And a map/plan is always a bonus.

And if you can play, you can begin to play a type of glass bead game, one that I call - 8D chess. A game of strategy with multiple overlaying interfaces, extremely subtle, and a game in which one has to consider unimaginable consequences. So - be careful. Please.

Absolute Zero - Apparently as cold as it can ever get, 0 degrees Kelvin. Heat and movement are closely related, so this is a place where no thing can move, a kinda sub-atomic/quantum lockdown, and a barrier that can never be breached; One of the final frontiers of the physical world, but intimately connected to a mind/consciousness that knows no boundaries or limitations, so to the players of the glass bead game, a bead moved with conciousness has the capacity to effect that which bestrides the boundaries, reaching beyond the laws of physics.

Exotic Matter - We are taught that we are drawing ever closer to the ultimate particle. As the pyramid ascends the more subtle, and basic components (though only theoretical at present), are expected to exist. The excitement of the 'discovery' of the Higgs Bosun might illustrate the hunger and fervour for isolating these exquiste and magical things... And there are more to be found, but there are only one or two remaining, so the chase is hotting up. But - to an 8th Dimensional chess player, this is not the case - you/we can see further with our imaginations. You reach the top of a pyramid, and then you can start to fly.

Scalar Energy - The field that lies beyond the horizon, where the unimaginable energies of the cosmos engage in silent witness, and the potential to interact with the dynamic flow begins! The current vague terms of dark matter and dark energy are related to the scalar field - unknowns, but known. Known as we are these very things ourselves, though unknown as we do not know ourselves.

Spacetime - Einstein a Go Go! The fabric of it all, so they say.... So Jah Se... A fourth dimensional cloak that shields and ushers, protects and hinders, and the very carpet upon which we might fly during our 1001 Arabian Nights, that takes us beyond the horizon and through the portals of the time keepers, who are, after all, glass bead gamers. To gather the slingshot energy, to release empowered through the imagined limitation - that is the way.

Synchronicity - Jung's word describing the acausal. Now morphed into the Cult of Syncromysticism, an examination of the acausal... but, after the event. The Magi however, seeks the answer that predates the event, and thus enabled to place her/his glass bead upstream of the event, as the water-like flow of Karma reveals its passage. For, all is in relation to cause and effect, both the visible and invisible, the most subtle hidden object.

Tachyon - Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and faster than the speed of light. The diametric pole to absolute zero, the other end of that particular spectrum. Where ultimate energy meets maximum activity, where simultaneity becomes absolute and complete. But, only as one crosses the rubicon with bated breath, and the multiverse beyond graces the players consciousness, the illusion dissipates and third eye's sight knows her experience. To traverse the cosmos in an eye's blink, upon the alchemical grace, the dues justly earned through the labours of the threefold path - Compassion, Love and Wisdom.

Telepathy - The players are the mycelium, the 'wiring beneath the board', so loved by the entheogenic Shamen, where instant subtle communication creates a unity consciousness activation, the sweet taste of intimate empathic knowing the minds of others. A mirror that looks back upon itself to see within the faults to be healed in the mind, sometimes afraid to witness within. But until this bridge is crossed, the illusion of fear echoes back into the mind of the reader, and this severs the connection. It is only in humility this grace manifests.

A game for the imagination, as are all games... all games.

When it is the time for the Shaman to play, she/he prepares with ceremony and ritual, accompanied by totem and medicine, and leaps.......

The Quadrivium

How deep is the programme? Or the rabbit hole even?

The Quadrivium, or 'The Place Where the Four Roads Meet', is a subtle communiqué that appears to have traversed space and time as a result of work by both Plato and Pythagoras. It is a delightful formula for presenting what appears to be irrefutable cognitive strands of the understanding of pure number, as it exists within space and time.

It represents one way, though very appealing to the rational mind, of accessing co-ordinates for expressing creativity, though simultaneously creating a limitation. Almost a sleight of hand?

The manner in which the universe reveals its mechanisms are of course subjective, and it might be that the most persuasive author holds the potential to publish a manifesto that echoes though the medium of the written word, perhaps overriding or simply shoving aside other manifesto?

As we are so rightly told - 'History is written by the winners'. But does this actually negate the philosophy of the 'losers'? Maybe temporarily....

My intention in writing this essay is not to deny or even usurp this wonderful conception, but to open up my own mind to the hidden potentials, those that exist beyond the rational and scientific, and pehaps fly in the face of accepted evolution.

Thus I chose to explore this 4 fold path, by entering, and examination from within. One only knows the taste of tea once one has tasted it oneself. No possible description can convey this, one must drink the tea.

There are four components - Arithmetic, Music, Geometry, Astronomy.

Arithmetic = Number: The study and analysis of the relationships of those sigils 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 - the squiggles that have come to represent the primacy of numerical communication, based upon systems of scalable formulation, and taken as proven through logic and observation.

Music = Time: The paced measurement and distribution of harmonic scales, suspended in a moment, though able to transmit a sonic message that can move forward in time, to reach our ears. A means of sharing emotion and tangible feeling through resonance.

Geometry = Space: The great geometric misnomer I feel - "the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line". So obvious, but is it really? I feel that this works in 2 and 3 dimensions, and perhaps in 4 dimensions, but beyond this a new geometry events... I work intimately with water, and strangely enough, water travels slower in a straight line than it does in a curved manner. Water is life, and life does not travel in straight lines.

Astronomy = Space & Time: The final frontier, the proof that all is in accord with the precepts of the quadrivium. It is, after all, written across the heavens, can you see? Ah then, if we are told that this means of observable phenomenon is the proof, well, who are we to question?

Admittedly these are all observable and therefore commensurate with scientific analysis, but, and it is a big BUT... as Je Tsongkhapa states - 'Appearances are deceptive, and our own opinions are unreliable'.

And challenge I must. I would be lazy and indolent should I chose to blithely accept these paradigms unquestionably. There is more, much more, and I for one choose to boldly go, where many folks are being now...

The 4 Fundamental Forces

Here we go! We are taught that our universe functions upon the basis of these 4 fundamental forces. My understanding is that these can be transcended, opening up our individual potentials for healing, growth and manifestation.

I'll present my understanding after a brief introduction, for those scientifically minded amongst us. Described as non-contact forces, these four 'elemental' forces are considered to be those that existed shortly (very shortly), after the so-called 'big bang', and the holy grail of physics is to connect these in what is described as the 'grand unification theory'.

The theory at present, pretty much says that these four aspects of force are irreducible. Right. We've heard that story before, haven't we. Not too long ago, 'nothing is smaller than an atom', then, 'nothing is smaller than an electron', etcetera... yeah?

The Strong Nuclear Force - The force, or colour, that describes the interactions between quarks and gluons, the study of which is called 'Quantum Chromodynamics'. And where the division between art, magic and science occur is truly as vague as the background static of the universe... The word 'quark' is derived from Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce. Is this a cosmic joke or an example of the artist creator?

The Electro Magnetic Force - Where light (photons) and matter interact, and apparently this is greeted with enthusiasm by the proponents of 'the theory of relativity' and 'quantum mechanics', as a mutually supportive adjunct appears to manifest. The study of this is called 'Quantum Electrodynamics'. Though to my mind, what is happening here is entirely dependent upon the eye itself.... Take the eye out of the equation and does light have any meaning?

The Weak Nuclear Force - The merging of two other forces, is described as the 'Electroweak Interaction', though the weak nuclear force, itself, is an asymetric decay of beta particles.. Confused yet? It gets better. This process creates the process called 'hydrogen fusion', the very manner in which stars are empowered. Yes, it is that powerful, though described as 'weak'. This gets funnier...

The Gravitational Force - The weakest of the four. Tell that to someone falling out of a tree. Newton, Apples and Planets are visible ways in which this force manifests, to our own sense awarenesses... We can 'feel' gravity. And a tip of my hat to Isaac Newton, primarily an alchemist and occultist, and mathematition and scientist second. Yeah? Sounds like a good old-fashioned magician to me.

The scientist follows one particular strand of the infinite complexity interwoven structure of the universe (and beyond), pursuing what? To reach where? Whereas the mystic engages with all simultaneously, and interacts. Again, the artist creator... or alchemist and magician?

And this is where I want to add my two cents to the barrel of laughs. I am not a scientist, nor a mathematician, I'm more of an alchemist and magician, and from a historical perspective it does appear that the leading edge of what is now described as science is forged by us, the alchemists and magicians.

This is no imaginary precedent, as throughout history the story unfolds in accordance with our work. We take the leap into the dark, both literally and metaphorically. We set the paths for others to follow, we, the unrational artist creators, the crazies, the dreamers and the mystics. For, we do not follow, we explore amongst the untraversed, we enter the unknown, and return with our vision intact, able to describe and record our journey, for others to follow. If it happens to be that way...

Q. So, where am I intending to take this essay?

A. Beyond the Grand Unification Theory, a journey to the mind of Ultimate Clear Light, where all is reconciled, beyond thoughts, words and expressions. The Mind of Enlightenment. Where all is of one taste - Bliss and Emptiness.

Opening the Chakras

7 Chakras... Shrouded in metaphysical terminology, obscure and subtle - but available to be witnessed and experienced with inner vision.

In short - no mystery.

Here in the west, rational science and associated education teaches that only the seen is of importance, and the unseen, or hidden has very little bearing upon our lives, unless it can be measured and even manipulated.

The basis of Western medicine is based around the physical, and very little attention is paid to well-being, or the historical approach of Eastern medicine and philosophy, that of the relationship of mind and body.

Over the years I have practiced meditation, yoga and studied mystic philosophical texts, and in particular, the extensive Sutras and Tantras of Holy Dharma, the teachings of Buddha, in accordance with the Tibetan Buddhist Path, as taught by Je Tsongkhapa.

My path of study took 13 years of teacher training, systematically studying page by page every single word of the Kadam Scriptures, and during this time of contemplation, meditation, debate, analysis, study and teaching I came to the conclusion that the Buddhist Scriptures held no contradictions, and that the teachings were perfect as a Spiritual Path.

I learned to look inside myself. Inside my body... to gain insight.

And with that insight developed a gathering, a focussing of attention. Locating a position within the physical body at which one might place one's mind. It is possible to close your eyes and focus your attention at the tip of your nose, your knee, or in any place you chose.

However, Buddha taught that certain locations within the body held particular potentials, beyond and above all others, and these are called Chakras.... Maybe think of them as an eddy amongst the vast inner dynamic flow of the innerverse, places where energy tends to gather and circulate, power points perhaps. A bit of a coarse analogy here, but a visual representation of a whirlpool suggests the manner in which the chakra or wheel actually functions.

In meditation, yoga and other inner practices one develops the ability to gather one's mind at the 7 chakra points, and gradually ease open the flow of energy, a slow reversal of the vortices that gather, and thus slowly open up the density within to a lighter, more flexible and calmer inner sense.

I drew this collection of drawings in 2011, making a record of my experience, in order to represent the feeling of opening my chakras. I chose to avoid the traditional representations of petals and Tantric seed syllables, to explore the possibility of sharing these subtle sensations and experiences to those who might otherwise feel inhibited by the arcane and esoteric imagery and symbolism. A modern interpretation, and homage to my Teacher.

The drawing of my Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, I drew whilst atop a high peak, called Ditchling Beacon as here I felt closer to the sky, closer to the heavens, but... seated upon Mother Earth. I opened my Crown and experienced the connection with All.

The Zodiac of Twelve

The constellations, those distant friends who enjoy our company, and share their light and resonance with us, their human family.

The history of both astrology and astronomy contain ancient arts that might have helped to build the foundations of science, and thus the structures upon which our modern life is based.

Astronomy, now revered and honoured, and Astrology, now reviled and ignored - except by those who see a union, an alchemical interaction twixt consciousness and the universe. And who, I might question, can deny the effects of the movements of the close elements that shift our daily lives, through the motion of the winds? That which is unseen does effect our lives.

With a small leap of imagination my mind can see how the tidal ebbs and flows of the motions of the close heavens will affect both tide and time, the gentle pull of unseen vortices amongst the cosmic motions, and thence the leap to see the interconnectivities of our fractal organic vastness of space.

What affects one will affect another, ad finitum.

I'm gonna explore an avenue of thought right now. What we see when we look up into the sky is what appears to be a 2 dimensional image upon the hemisphere of heaven, and in particular if I look at an individual constellation I have no understanding of the 3 dimensional geometry that exists between the individual stars that comprise the actual cluster.

I chose to travel, using the Shamanic Path, up into the vast reaches of space to gain a vector insight and analysis of the geometry of the star clusters, to experience their combined energetic and the geometric aspects of interconnection... to gain my bearings.

When I was there, high amongst the stars, I saw mystery and life, the breathing pulse of our distant friends, and sensed my surroundings, feeling the energetic patterning of resonant linkage, and was gifted with instructions to render a collection of drawings to represent the hidden energetic matrices.

All is open to interpretation, so little is definitive... according to my definition.

Natural Molecules

Feelgood molecules, those powerful and subtle bio-chemical triggers that we can come to love, and with practice can learn to engage and stimulate.

I was generally aware of the sense of dynamicism and power that changed my mood and levels of engagement, and decided to enter this subtle inner universe as an experiment in my 'innerverse' experience.

I looked at some of the neurological chemical compounds that altered mood, firstly analysing the molecular structure, to gain insight into the geometry, or visual patterning, in order to enter this miniscule world, to visualise journeying and to gain my navigational bearings... a mapping voyage, perhaps.

Way back in the day, when I was a boy of 11, I saw a movie that kinda changed my life. In retrospect it was a real hammy tale of travellers who were shrunk and then injected into the human bloodstream to perform laser surgery, 'The Fantastic Voyage', though at the time I was completely enthralled by this possibility, and wondered if this would ever be possible.

No, I'll change that - I knew that this would be possible one day.

And as part of the process of making this possible I have journeyed in my own fantastic voyages, dancing between the geometry of molecular structures, and experienced the sensory awarenesses that accompany the chemical triggering, and then illustrated the resonant and harmonic wave patterning as my record, or map.

My intention is that these drawings might offer access codes to our inner bio-chemical releases, acting as visual triggers to stimulate a subtle response, a prototype methodology that utilises the power of eye sense awareness, in a matrix or pixellated manner.

I feel this is possible.

Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland, that mystical inner system that is considered to hold the key to realms of experience, generally accessed only at the time of very deep sleep or death. Melatonin is related to light and dark, and sleep and awakening.

Endorphine may be released following excercise, creating an opiate like feel good factor, a natural high that one feels also during orgasm and after eating spicy foods. A reason perhaps why we like sex and eating curry.

Seratonin is considered to be a main factor in our mood, and related to depression in particular, and thus my intention here was to explore the possibility of developing an individuals potential to regulate and prevent depressive states of mind.

Adrenaline is a trigger that creates response in heart rate and also respiration, enabling short bursts of power or energy that surges in times of emergency or crisis, facilitating rapid focus and concentration. To access this at will, might be very useful...

Oxytocin described as 'The Love Hormone', stimulating trust and empathy, and well... that sounds good to me. It may have just been for personal reasons I wished to explore this molecule, though in my heart I feel it is something that the entire world could use more of. For sure...

The Mantic Arts

I'm a treasure hunter, and have been since I was a small boy. I was intruiged by ancient leather bound books, and spent my time rummaging around street markets and jumble sales, looking for an elusive treasure, or maybe even a Holy Grail.

A couple of years ago I found an old magical text, describing ways of oracles and divination. The wording was highly esoteric and arcane, almost prohibitive in its density, created I felt, to deter experimentation and exploration. The manner of traditional magic, worded to obscure the meaning, and intended to defer the reader to the superior understanding of the author - maybe an aspect of ego, or fear of the power that the author considered he was protecting. Hmmm, dunno.

In the book were several drawings entitled 'The Mantic Arts', and these divinatory designs, of a highly simplified design called to me, requesting to be drawn with a contemporary feel. I answered the call...

The interpretations were also rather obscure, and somewhat oblique, so after I had drawn the images I undertook the task of understanding how they might be interpreted by a modern user, and thus I wrote new meanings for each, in turn.

So - how do these work?

I realised that there were two ways... The first is to cast a small stone or talisman upon the chart, and where the stone lands will indicate the fortune of the user, and the second is to throw a multi-sided dice, and thus select the appropriate interpretation.

As with most forms of divination, the meaning of the answer is very subjective, and interpretive, and ideally one would use these mantic tables as a means of seeking answers to issues or situations within a situation. And as you will understand, the quality of the reader will be in direct correlation with the interpretation of your answer...

Mystic Circle of Neptune - Questions of Mystery

1 - Where did your life begin?
2 - When will the truth be known?
3 - Shall I ever know the secret?
4 - What is the deepest mystery?
5 - What is your purpose?
6 - Am I to know?
7 - Can you sense forever?
8 - When it appears, you will understand
9 - Karma is deeply hidden
10 - What is life's secret?
11 - Where shall I be when I understand?
12 - When shall I make my choice?

Pyramid of Venus - Concerning Matters of Love

1 - You are with the perfect soul
2 - Ease your heart into love
3 - Love will heal your soul
4 - Allow love into your life
5 - Look for love in the eyes
6 - Share your love
7 - Breathe love at all times
8 - Never be without your love
9 - Love your circle

Circle of the Sun - For Financial Matters

1 - Do not borrow money today
2 - Trust that you will be prosperous
3 - Money is merely an analogy
4 - Stop your worry about money
5 - Money flows, it comes and goes
6 - Be generous, it will bring you abundance
7 - Treat your partner or friend, today
8 - Save a little, if you can
9 - Never miss an opportunity to share

Star of Jupiter - Oracle for Wishes

1 - Any wish can come true
2 - The art of wishing depends upon your intention
3 - Perfect wishes are always for others
4 - Create a wish path
5 - You can wish for anything
6 - Focus on your wish to give it wings
7 - You have unlimited wishes
8 - Spend time contemplating your true wish
9 - Believe in your power to wish

Cross of the Moon - Concerning Matters of Home and Family

1 - Make your home beautiful with your love
2 - Love every member of your family equally
3 - Be at peace at home
4 - Fill your home with your love
5 - Keep your home in your heart
6 - Create a family home
7 - Feel at home with your family
8 - All will be well at home
9 - Heal your family with your love
10 - Show your family how you love them
11 - Be at home upon this Earth
12 - You are at home when you are with your family
13 - Make your home a part of your family

Diamond of Mercury - For Matters of the Mind

1 - Everything depends upon your mind
2 - Know your own mind
3 - Peace is found within your mind
4 - Happiness is found within your mind
5 - A peaceful mind is a happy mind
6 - A happy mind is a peaceful mind
7 - Mindfulness is a balancing art
8 - To change your world, change your mind
9 - Nothing exists separate from your mind
10 - Your mind is a source of peace
11 - With a peaceful mind you are a friend to the world
12 - Decide what you wish to do with your mind
13 - Consider the benefits of meditation
14 - Develop mindfulness
15 - Increase your awareness
16 - Tame your mind

I may make these into a card series, one day... perhaps?

Practical Magic

What is Practical Magic? I dreamed of a world in which the metaphysical and subtle became manifest reality, where dreams became real. I was travelling through Burma in late 2011, exploring the temples, lakes and pilgrim's paths, visiting sacred sites and shrines, making offerings and prayers.

During this pilgrimage I wrote poetry and became inspired to journey into the realms of the sacred divine, and then to record this dreamscape.

I sat under a crescent moon, a moon whose shape was unfamiliar to my western eyes, a moon whose crescent sat below the moon, reminiscent of the Islamic crescent, though Burma itself is a Buddhist country.

Beneath a perfect acacia tree, I sat for two days, watching the sun rise, traverse the skies, and descend on the far side of the wide slow river, and kiss the tip of a distant stupa. To my eyes the motion of the sun was created to bless the Buddha's path... And I wrote this poem

Under the Acacia Tree

Under the acacia tree
her veil of green protecting me
soft canopy of velvet grace
gathers me in soft embrace

And summoned by the call of crows
and riverboats in timeless shows
of movement, life and industry
within, around the 'cacia tree

The toil of nature, call of time
that beckons each to seek the shrine
upon which we might draw our faith
as pilgrim's passing, without trace

So! Stop and pause
allow the peace of blessings to arise from source.
Yes, from within this Holy Land
that calls your heart and guides your hand

To follow in the Buddha's Path
of softening our tightened grasp.
Allow your worries, fears to cease
and breathe the sound of inner peace.

I read this poem to a group of travellers, and the following day, the day of my departure, the land owner had translated the poem, and created a purple velvet framed copy of the poem, and fixed it beneath the tree, as a blessing for future pilgrims.

I thought of abundance, awareness, clairvoyance, divination, manifestation and intuition as ways of improving my spiritual path, and began to create the 6 tools of practical magic. I absorbed and dissolved through both contemplation and meditation to realise the manner in which I might represent these accents of being, and understood that these might be shared, and thus improved upon by others.

A beautiful friend, Angie Litvinoff, a Shamanic Homeopath, has subsequently created 6 remedies, 6 elixirs that combine the essence of the drawings and her own intuitive wisdom, for use my those wishing to engage in the practice of magic. This is Angie's work... Angie Litvinoff

My journey revealed further aspects of my path, as I travelled to the astonishing Shree Dagon Stupa and thus inspired to write this homage...

Shree Dagon Stupa

3 Times around the Golden Site
the glowing stupa,, bathed in light
enshrined in sunset's radiance
etheric spirits of the dance

Summoned by the soft sweet chimes
of bells I struck
3 times, 3 times
to raise the powered seed I cast
at Stonehenge on the Solstice past

As gathering the threads of light
around this Earth, our home, just might
create the heaven that we crave
before we fall into the grave

The third and fourth drawing were now complete as I began the next passage of my pilgrimage. I met many monks and those shamen of the lakes and hills, and those whose lives are blessed by the Dragons that lie beyond our own horizons, but live within the minds of the mystics.

And through late nights, and cloudless skies, I navigated by the stars, blessed to reveal their hidden truths, how lives such as mine are choreographed in perfect harmony with the heavens, thus guided to the shrine at Mandalay Hill where the third vision guided me to draw the final two drawings of practical magic, and experience the dream upon the hill, a dream of the Dragon's Eye

The Dragon's Eye

The ritual of the dragon's eye
is captured in a crimson sky
amidst the mirrored sanctuary
in glittered shards of light I see...

The inner path of sacred tones
as chakras spin in blissful moan
ecstatic rites of ancient times
ignited in the distant chimes

No fear, empowered here I stand
upon the mountain of this land
as in the distant western sky
Oh Ra! You are the dragon's eye

Works of the imagination are aspects of practical magic, and these are available to all who choose to look inside their own minds, the mystery being opened to the traveller along the spiritual path.

I honour your path, and wish for your perfect happiness and eternal peace of mind.

Crystal Healing

Deep within each crystal resides the molecular structure, that which holds the atoms in place, that which is the basis of both form and function. This is invisible, though rendered visible through techniques of microscopy, and in particular the original digital rendering facility of the electron microscope.

When we hold a crystal we can see its colour and form, feel its texture and weight, and this offers an opportunity to commence an understanding of the hidden matrix, that which holds the crystal in apparent stillness upon the palm of our hand.

We are taught that nothing resides in perfect stillness, all is moving, in what Je Tsongkhapa described as 'The Dance of Constant Motion'.

The subtle vibrations that are the forces holding matter in their visible form might be considered as waves, or a flow, that communicate an energy, or even an information between and through the close vortices, or nodes, that are the intersections and junctions of the molecular structure.

Crystal healers, and intuitive energy workers are aware of such harmonic connectivities, and by attunement are able to harmonise their own intentions with the inner matrix of crystal form, and to synthesise an engagement with the subtle inner forces.

In this series of drawings I am experimenting with the possiblity of serving crystal healers with a visual aid to their work, with the intention of assisting their clients with a visualisation of the healing process. I researched the published molecular structures of several commonly used crystals, and faithfully drew these at the heart of each drawing to connect with the resonant connections. After contemplation and meditation I was able to create a drawing which represented the inner vibrational matrix, and also a representation of the manifest energy flows.

I am happy to continue this exploration of the crystalline frequencies, and will undertake further journeys to increase this modality in order to assist those crystal healing angels.

The 4 Elements

The four primary elements are known as fire, water, earth and air. I understand that these primal elements, spirits or forces are the basis upon which physical existence depends. The history of science, magic and alchemy are inter-woven with these elements, and the sages of both past and present have sought to combine an inner understanding with an outer working, in order to create matter anew. All we see can be considered as a combination, in various degrees, of these four.

In order to gain deeper insight into this complex process I illustrated each element, to realise the different structures and aspects of each, and to enable a true realisation. Whilst engaged in elemental magic, an understanding of the ways in which fire, water, earth and air combine and engage in a sympathetic and quantum manner is essential.

To feel and to experience the elements, to be able to create these drawings, I took an alchemical shamanic journey, on the night of Summer Solstice 2011. At the source of the Sacred Spring of St Helen I built a fire, one that would burn the night through, alongside the water's flow, thus engaging the living essences of both fire and water. The fire was built within a circle of ancient stones that I had collected from around the woodlands, and these lay upon the sacred earth, thus connecting 3 elements, thus far.

The magic of the midsummer night dream revealed a journey that spiralled upwards as the fire and smoke took flight upon the wind, taking prayers, wishes and intentions above the canopy of trees, to meet with the vast reaches of air that protect and hold our lives in a loving embrace. During the night many visions came to the sacred circle, as we witnessed the magical combination of fire, water, earth and air, and visitations of elemental spirits graced us with their presence.

The water spirit beckoned us closer to the source, her whispering female call of soft communication that spoke of majesty and flow, offering an opportunity to drink and then bathe in her perfect soul. The power of this night held an offering of power, of alchemical transformation, which I chose not to accept, as I felt the potential of an intoxication, one that might serve my own ends, but one that I considered I was not fully able to integrate into my own practices, and thus I chose to await a deeper wisdom.

At this point of the vision quest, the great fire was a series of spiralling purple, blue, yellow and red flames, and our crystalline frankincense melted into a rivulet that slowly advanced towards our stone chalice, awaiting the alchemical drop into the holy spring water...

The unexpected occured. We were blessed by Gaia - an initiation, a welcoming to her loving embrace, wherein we witnessed both her magnificent beauty, and her terrifying power, held both upon and within her grace.

The 4 elements... Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

There are many essays and detailed compendiums, written over the ages, that describe the nature and essence of elemental magic in its various aspects, but 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

For any further information, do please ask, I love to help

An overview my archive can be viewed, as low resolution snaps, (not our professional photographs), on my facebook page, 'Healing Magic'