Architecture of Inner Peace


To manifest a temple within the mind.

A series of designs, construction systems and processes, whereby the building of an Celestial Palace can be initiated.

Are you aware of your turbulent thoughts?

Clearing space

Protection mantra OM OM OM

Where is the stillpoint?

Inception - Within the mind's eye

In the beginning  - 6 senses engaged

What is your favourite flavour?

The beauty of sound

Eye sight

Touch your screen

The scent of harmony

BAM! Seeding a golden consciousness

Within the crucible of your heart chakra 

Widening the aperture of your heart chakra

An alchemy of sweet tears and fire

I trust you and love you completely

The balanced horizon of the Middle Way

The experience of living

 A pure, radiant jewel, at the centre of your heart chakra

Subtle meditation is like a flight simulator

Nothing exists in the way that it appears

The birth of a thought

The death of fear

Freedom from anxiety

The infinite filaments of being

Pausing the sands of time

Destiny is calling

Birth of a wish sparkle

The shimmering reality of stillness

Thinking patterns

Inner space

The seed of the present moment

The promise of the alchemical kiss

Terra Nova - A pure land

Your gift of universal peace - The infinite temple within