Angelic Geometry


I studied the heavens in the preceding weeks, saw heavenly destiny manifest before my eyes,
and created this record of her pre-birth journey.

I witnessed new life arrive, as a new born baby
The Star-Child Goddess Ava - born Autumn Equinox 2012

The Crescent Sunrise of Dawn

The Rising Attractor of Destiny

She Silently Calls, as I Listen.

As Everything Drops into Place

Her Spirit Awakens, and Knows Her Gifts

And the Sphere of Influence Expands

Creating the New Flower of Life

Radiating Conscious Thought

In an Acceleration of Process

As Shaded Light Transforms

In Ever Spiralling Dimensions of Light

They Catch the Verdant Power of Life

In Recognition of our Conjoined Paths

Oh, the Dance of Eternity Whispered upon Her Eyes

Whilst Catching the Path of Intention

And Feel Her Radiance Bloom

Consciousness Fully Awakens!

In Gradual Progression

Her Evolution Ignites

Transcending History

Upon Entering the Labyrinth

I Heard the Fine Tuning

Of the Arriving Choir

Whilst Harmony Shined upon this World

And then, Once in a Blue Moon

She Began Her Final Descent

Into Awakening Bliss

As I, the Witness sat in Recognition

Of Her Birth

She Lives! She Breathes! Her Chakras Dance!

Heavenly Placements: An Astrological Birth Chart