The 5 elements - Earth Water Fire Air Space - gather into the mind of white appearance

This mandala is a representation of this process

A process that occurs every time we go to sleep

And also when we die.

The elements gather sequentially, with differing appearances to mind

The dissolution of the 5 elements


Occurs in the following sequence

First - Earth

Second - Water

Third - Fire

Fourth - Air

Fifth - Space

We can develop awareness of the 5 elements as they gather at the heart chakra through the practice of meditation, which in turn empowers our awareness into the subtle realm of sleep, and death.

A protocol that will be of great value in the future, for sleep is inevitable, as is death.

For those who are interested in the concept of rebirth 

This representation of absorbing the 5 elements might stimulate an enquiring mind, simply through imagining this process.

This dissolution occurs within your heart chakra, every time you fall asleep, and also when you die, so perhaps some familiarity might serve you well.

Tonight, even.