13 Moon Yogas

13 Moon Yogas

We caught this stone, seemingly floating upon a golden disc.

And later that day, stilled within the warmth of home.

2 seashells and 2 diamonds captured a glimpse of eternity.

The power of 3 held us steadfast into the headwind.

The spherical cube became the navigator's jewelled beacon.

Upon the witching hour, rainbow light caught us unaware, though unsurprised.

Without prompting the star revealed the pure light keys that held rich promise.

And on the 7th, the web drew us close, beguiled by the mysteries.

Until the petals of bliss granted absolution of faith in a bestowed future of pure consciousness.

We read the grammar of Enneagram, as she holds a code of great power.

A bejewelled kiss arose from the table in surprise.

Whilst eleven smiled, harvesting the sunshine.

Time's formal imperative held us close at twelve, as night became light.

Whereupon we saw the pure beauty of love.

A record of our profound shared intimate journey throughout the 13 lunar calendar, taken with mandala and jewels.

This was a beautiful year, with sweet memories of each season, as we lived with each mandala for 28 days, to gather the intuitive reflections of the full moon. For what should we do with our time, except create beauty – ephemeral and fleeting, but seeds in our own firmament.

Each action, each touch and thought, carries the essence of that very moment, so we laid a trail, we wove a path, upon which that year had carried us. We travelled, we followed the maps, and found ourselves once again, for the journey inwards is itself.

Garnet, ruby, sapphire, pearl, emerald, spinel, diamond, aquamarine, tourmaline, amethyst, zircon, peridot, topaz, tanzanite, quartz, morganite and moonstone… All were cast upon the papers, to catch the light, to help us navigate our ship across the swirling oceans of karma.

And in this great vessel of experience that we all unknowingly share, we are to travel now to the stars, as the union we seek is that of the inner and outer. So, where to next?

13 Moon Yogas