The Art of Mark Golding

Your Solstice Wish

Place your wish into this chalice of dreams.

Together, they will become a medicine for this world


Fractal Geometry is Impermanent.


Where dragonflies dance around the circle of life, to flicker upon the candlelight of wonderment.

And through the lens of kaleidoscopic eyes, nourishment is offered, as beauty, to the innocent child within your soul.

And arising through the soft blue mist of morning is the sweet medicine of beauty, the gift of light. 

And dawn will know your smile of ease dear one, dawn will know your smile.


Within the mandala of love, the elemental queen and king offered their pure alchemy: Of fire and water, to the beating heart of the sands.

After years of drought arose the mighty tempest's ferocity, awakening the forgotten dry paths, to restore life to the oasis.

Then, seen through the rainbow arch of healing transformation arose the sunlight, reflecting golden light upon the ripening potentials, emerging from their deep slumber, awakening the dream visions of Lamane.

Where nothing had grown, now life will thrive, as Eden's garden is reborn, witnessed in Gaia's geometry, her heart bursting wide open with joy, upon hearing the healer's song.

Oh, you beautiful ones, may the gifts of new life be forever yours!

Lamane: Alcumistae Sahara


Woven of 1000 stars, with emerald threads and sapphire knots, and held within your gentle hands, is the precious healer's basket.

She holds your gatherings of healing herbs, high magic and pure imagination, as you prepare a medicine for this world.

And as you, the healer, face your awareness to your task, each sun turns inward to create a stellar crucible, to birth a pure drop of life star essence.

Eternity pauses, and breathes, as the rainbow variant medicine of healing dreams is distilled through the eternal silver wheels of bliss to initiate the ruby drop of the Goddess, held in grace.

For to contemplate the healer's basket, with your soft gaze, is to know your destiny.

To work wisely with your gifts and intuition, and the treasures within your soul, and thus create your healing magic.

Perfected, upon a moment, as you birth the seeds of the new perfection, of a world healed and renewed, as the dreams of countless souls are fulfilled, and we weep to release the world's pain.

You are the Priestess, you are the Priest: Chosen and known by the Holy Ones, since before your birth, and know your empowerment now, as you hold the precious healer's basket, deep within your heart.

You are the Alchemist - As your mind becomes the Golden Consciousness, and you heal this world.

Look nowhere else. You are gifted with this precious task.

Mark Golding creates signposts to inner peace, through initiating release, understanding, resolution and clarity

By removing language from the thought process you increase the speed and
efficiency of your imagination.

 I have illustrated some of the magical tools and alignments that I use for my art work here - click

Sacred Geometry Mandala Maker